Camp Chef PG24 Review

Product Name:Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill and Smoker BBQ with Digital Controls
Brand:Camp Chef
Features:1. Electronic auto start ignition 2. Dual LED temperature display 3. Stainless steel probe for measuring the internal temperature of food
Pros:1. Wide cooking area for a large group 2. Easy starting and using 3. Easy clean out of ash
Cons: 1. Needs huge amount of electricity to start and use
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Camp Chef PG24 Review

If you are new to barbecuing or experienced but would like to start on a different approach with an advanced BBQ grill, then you might want to read this Camp Chef PG24 review. Camp Chef PG24 pellet grill and smoker BBQ has been designed purposely to take grilling and smoking to a higher level than what most of us practice in our backyards.

The grilling and smoking unit has been created with an amateur as well as an expert chef in mind since the manufacturer has included lots of in-built features to ease the grilling process. Its in-built thermometer can help you eliminate guesswork from your cooking as the sensors maintain a stable temperature for cooking inside the chamber.


When you buy the Camp Chef PG24, you get a recipe book with instructions to prepare delicious BBQs. So, if you never barbecued before, no need to worry as this handy recipe will get you through your first barbecue successfully.

Key features

Camp Chef PG24 pellet grill and smoker BBQ comes with plenty of features to help make your grilling and smoking process much easier and hassle free. Here are some of the top features of the unit.

Camp Chef PG24 Review

  • Electronic auto start ignition.
  • Assembly made easier with the assembly video available at manufacturer’s site.
  • Power outage emergency bypass.
  • The backside is squared to provide more cooking area.
  • The upper racks are removable.
  • Patented Drop down cleaning system for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Stainless steel probe to measure food temperature.
  • LED Digital Temp control system
  • Large cooking area measuring 560 cubic inches.
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Temperature versatility; the unit can maintain either low or high temperature settings.
  • Large capacity pellet hopper hence less filling and more smoking.
  • Has side shelves measuring 16” by 12”.
  • Recipe book included to make learning curve much simpler for amateurs.

Cleaning and maintenance

Anyone who’s tried cleaning a pellet grill before understands just how difficult it is to get all the ash out after use. This unit gives you an easier access to the burn pot. It also features a trap door which allows you to clean the unit without having to dig through the ashes and grease. Cleaning the unit is generally much easier as compared to the typical charcoal grills.


Home chefs that have used Camp Chef PG24 Pellet grill and smoker BBQ will concur with the advantages listed on this Camp Chef PG24 review. Here are the pros that are enjoyed by many users.

Easier assembly – what most barbecuing amateurs love about the unit is its ease of assembly, made possible with a video tutorial available at the manufacturer’s site. Moreover, you don’t have to worry of you’ve never barbecued before since the unit comes with a recipe book to help you prepare some of the most delicious BBQs with the unit.

Surety when cooking – the unit’s in-built LED digital temperature control system gives you the confidence required when smoking or grilling hence removing the guesswork out of your cooking process. The LED readouts shows you the temperature inside the chamber so you can easily adjust the temperature as required.  Additionally, the unit has sensors which maintain heat inside the cooking chamber so you don’t have to worry about the conditions outside the unit when cooking.

Offers high temperatures – many units in the market are capable of smoking your meat, but they have difficulty reaching a high temperature enough for grilling and searing it. Camp Chef can easily reach 500 degrees so you can easily grill your meat whenever you need to.

Easily monitor the cooking – it’s quite difficult to judge how the food is cooking when it’s inside the grill. Opening the chamber will also release the heat and smoke hence your meat can dry out. This unit solves all these problems with the inclusion of a temperature probe in the cooking chamber. You simply have to stick it into your meat and get the exact reading of food’s temperature.

No fuel worries – Camp Chef PG24 with a pellet hopper capacity of 20 pounds so users won’t have to worry about running out of fuel while still cooking. What makes the pellets more convenient for use is that they are dispensed automatically throughout the entire cooking process. The hopper dispenses a pellet into the fire whenever the thermostat detects a temperature drop from what you had set initially.

Large cooking area – the unit gives you a cooking space of 560 cubic inches with the smoke stack at the back, which gives you the right side of the unit for use. Other smokers usually have their smoke stack to the right so when smoking your food, you can’t use the space.

Power outage bypass – this feature is nifty enabling the bypass of the relight feature when power suddenly goes out. Even though that might not happen so often, but should it happen, the hot rods are saved from wear and tear. This feature is rarely noticed by many, but it’s an indication that the manufacturer did their research when designing the unit.

Easy cleanup and maintenance – It’s a fact that most home chefs get annoyed with the frequent cleaning required by grill BBQs, well this unit eliminates that. The unit features a handy warming rack plus an ash catcher which makes the cleaning and maintenance of the unit much easier.


The unit offers so many advantageous features but also has its cons as well.

High power usage – power consumption by the unit is relatively high since it uses an electric auto start ignition. Therefore, high power is required to start the unit.

Quite heavy – the unit is quite heavy, measuring 128 pounds. But inclusion of the rolls makes its mobility a little better. The weight of the unit however can deter you from taking it to a friend’s party.

Ease of use

At first, the unit seems a little complex to use but when you get over it the first time, it becomes quite easy. For starters, there is an assembly video tutorial from the manufacturer’s site for easier assembly. Otherwise, anyone that has used a BBQ before wouldn’t have any form of difficulty with the unit.

Warranty details

The manufacturer’s warranty covers all the components of the stoves, ovens, fire pits and smokers as long as they are free from workmanship defects for a period of one year from the purchase date. The warranty however excludes the finish. Should you encounter a problem with the unit, you have a period of 90 days to return it.

Value for money

If you are looking forward to convenient grilling or smoking at a higher level than what’s practiced by typical home chefs, then the unit gives you value for money. Accurate temperature control, food temperature probe, electric auto-start ignition and ease of use are some of the great features of the unit, most of which are absent in other BBQs in the market.

The so many features and advantages of Camp Chef PG24 pellet grill and smoker BBQ are worth the $599.99 price.

Replacement parts availability

You cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness of an equipment, especially one with electronic systems, hence some repairs and replacements will be needed after a period of use. All the replacement parts of the unit can be found at the manufacturer’s site, Amazon and local dealers.

My Verdict

Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill and Smoker comes at a reasonable price with plenty of features that make grilling and smoking much easier especially for barbecuing amateurs. The unit was the first attempt by the company on a pellet unit, yet they really did an in-depth research before building it. The unit comes with plenty of niftier features which make the cooking, barbecuing, grilling and smoking process quite easy and fun. I can recommend it for anyone whether starting off with barbecuing or already an expert since it comes with features which suits everyone according to their barbecuing expertise level.

Frequently asked questions

I have addressed some of the most commonly asked questions by the buyers of the Camp Chef PG24 pellet grill and smoker BBQ in this review.

Q: the pellet bag weighs 20lbs costing $20. How long does it last and how many lbs. are required for a common meat cut?

A: it definitely depends on the cooking temperature but for a normal smoking, the pellet bag can last a considerate amount of time. Briskets would take longer to smoke hence would require up to one whole bag. 4lbs would be needed for a rib, 6 to 8 hours for briskets depending on the thickness.

Q: what’s the accuracy of the thermometer on the smoker?

A: the thermometer works accurately with the smoker, within 10 to 15 degrees. But that will depend on where you are getting the reading from.

Q: why does the grill get a lot of dust from the pellets?

The dust is as a result of using certain pellets and has nothing to with the unit. If you use the recommended Camp Chef pellets and keep them dry, the dust problem won’t be there.

Q:  is it possible to use the unit for baking?

A: definitely yes. The unit holds the temperature really good making it suitable for baking depending on your temperature needs.



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