About us

The website is a brainchild of a small group of friends who are big-time foodies and are in love with smoked dishes. Right from barbecues to smoked turkeys, we just cannot get enough of these dishes and this obsession has made all of us, some kind of expert when it comes to smoker grills.

We organize backyard parties every now and then and none of these parties are complete without our favourite smoked dishes and long discussions about the best smoker grills. We’ve all used many different types of grills, right from the traditional charcoal ones to the latest of electronic grills, and the more we started knowing about smoker grills and the delicious smoked delicacies, the more we wanted to share our knowledge with others.

Our love for smoked dishes is well-known among our friends and family as well. As a result, when they are looking to buy a smoked grill or wanted tips about backyard parties, they rely on our expertise in this matter. We’ve helped a number of people in buying a smoker grill as per their requirements and budget. While helping them, we realized that while people loved smoked dishes, they didn’t knew much about smoker grills and often ended up making a wrong decision.

We knew that we can help them out in making an informed decision. And with this thought in mind, we created this website. On this website, people can find detailed reviews about some of the best of smoker grills, information about latest smoker grills, tips about organizing the best backyard parties, features that people should look into before buying a grill, and a lot more.

Another reason that encouraged us to move ahead with this idea is the absence of good websites that actually offer detailed information about smoker grills. It is because of this that people generally make wrong decisions when it comes to buying a smoker grill. So, the main reason behind building this website is to help other smoked dish-lovers to make an informed decision about smoker grills, to make sure that their love for smoked delicacies continues to grow.

Apart from the knowledge that we already have, we keep on learning about the latest of models to ensure that we are able to offer the best and latest of information to our visitors. With the help of all the information available on our website, you will not only be able to buy a great smoker grill, but the knowledge will also make you a better smoked delicacy chef.

With this website, we plan to meet some amazing smoked delicacy lovers from all over the world, share our experience with them, know about their experiences, and transform this website into a platform that can make smoker grill buying process quick and easy. We will try to update this website as regularly as possible to make sure that our visitors have access to the best of latest information.

Let us join our hands together to spread the joy of learning and cooking our favourite smoked delicacies through this website!

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