Top 10 Pellet Smokers (Aug. 2019): Reviews & Buyers Guide

Warm summer nights call out for a get-together and there’s nothing quite like getting all the family together with the smell of your favorite BBQ lingering nearby. Here, at Grills Forever, we want to be the ones that help you to find the best pellet smokers in 2019 that will really make your summer. That’s not all! With some pellet smokers, you can even cook your food right into the long winter months if they come with the turbo-heating technology!

Wood pellet smokers are increasingly popular these days. With that comes the inevitable market influx of products. So, how do you know which ones are the best? We, at Grills Forever, have seared, smoked and grilled on grill after grill for the sole purpose of providing our readers with the most authentic review of the best pellet smoker grills on the market today.

Top 10 Pellet Smokers in 2019 Comparison Chart

Top Pick

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX

Cooking Area: 560 sq in

Hopper Capacity: 20 lbs

Temp. Range: 170 F to 600 F

Cleanout System: Burnpot Ash

Known As: Best Smoker Under $500

Runners Up Pick

Camp Chef Woodwind

Camp Chef Woodwind

Cooking Area: 570 sq in

Hopper Capacity: 22 lbs

Temp. Range: 160 F to 500 F

Cleanout System: Ash Cleanout

Known As: Best In Flavor


Budget Pick

GMG Davy Crockettt

GMG Davy Crockettt

Cooking Area: 219 sq in

Hopper Capacity: 9 lbs

Temp. Range:
150 F to 500 F

Cleanout System: Bottom Drip Bucket System

Known As: Best Smoker Under $400


Advanced Pick

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill

Cooking Area: 700 sq in

Hopper Capacity: 20 lbs

Temp. Range: 180 F to 450 F

Cleanout System: Side Drip container holder

Known As: Best Smoker Under $600


Portable Pick

Traeger Tailgater 20

Traeger Tailgater 20

Cooking Area: 319 sq in

Hopper Capacity: 8 lbs

Temp. Range: 140 F to 400 F

Cleanout System: Low Hanging Drip

Known As: Portable Choice

6. Pit Boss 71700FB

6. Pit Boss 71700FB

Cooking Area: 700 sq in

Hopper Capacity: 10 lbs

Temp. Range: 170 F to 600 F

Cleanout System: Side Drip Bucket

Known As: The Most Versatile Smoker

7.Traeger Lil Tex Elite Grill

7.Traeger Lil Tex Elite Grill

Cooking Area: 418 sq in

Hopper Capacity: 18 lbs

Temp. Range: 140 F to 400 F

Cleanout System: Side Drip Bucket

Known As: Best Smoker Under $700

8. Camp Chef SmokePro SE

8. Camp Chef SmokePro SE

Cooking Area: 560 sq in

Hopper Capacity: 18 lbs

Temp. Range: 160 F to 500 F

Cleanout System: Side Bucket Drip

Known As: Beginner’s Choice

9. Camp Chef PG24S Smoker Deluxe

9. Camp Chef PG24S Smoker Deluxe

Cooking Area: 429 sq in

Hopper Capacity: 18 lbs

Temp. Range: 160 F to 400 F

Cleanout System: Ash Cup Cleanout

Known As: Simplified Smoking Process

10. Camp Chef SmokePro SG

10. Camp Chef SmokePro SG

Cooking Area: 811 sq in

Hopper Capacity: 22 lbs

Temp. Range: 160 F to 500 F

Cleanout System: Side Drip Bucket

Known As: Wood-fired Wonder


ProductFeaturesKnown AsPrice
Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Top Pick Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Best Smoker Under $500 Check Price on Amazon
Camp Chef Woodwind Runners Up Pick Camp Chef Woodwind Best In Flavor
GMG Davy Crockettt Budget Pick GMG Davy Crockettt Best Smoker Under $400
Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill Advanced Pick Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill Best Smoker Under $600
Traeger Tailgater 20 Portable Pick Traeger Tailgater 20 Portable ChoiceCheck Price on Amazon
6. Pit Boss 71700FB 6. Pit Boss 71700FB The Most Versatile Smoker
7.Traeger Lil Tex Elite Grill 7.Traeger Lil Tex Elite Grill Best Smoker Under $700
8. Camp Chef SmokePro SE 8. Camp Chef SmokePro SE Beginner’s Choice
9. Camp Chef PG24S Smoker Deluxe 9. Camp Chef PG24S Smoker Deluxe Simplified Smoking Process
10. Camp Chef SmokePro SG 10. Camp Chef SmokePro SG Wood-fired Wonder

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What Is a Pellet Smoker and How Does it Work?

Pellet smokers are a combination of a grilling machine that you can use as a gas grill, a charcoal grill, a slow-cooking smoker as well as a kitchen oven. It’s essentially a wood-fired grill. They come equipped with a pellet hopper that feeds wood pellets into the fire steadily, ensuring that a constant stream of wood smoke is infused in the food. Simply put, a pellet smoker is an all-in-one solution for the hardened grill masters.

When looking to buy a pellet smoker you’ll no doubt hear all sorts of specifics. Let’s break it down a little.

Pellet Hoppers: Pellet hoppers are boxes attached to a pellet smoker that hold wood pellets. You will load all the wood pellets you need into this hopper as a fuel for the smoker.

Pellet Feeder: Pellet hoppers have a small opening at the bottom that holds a large pellet auger. These augers are responsible for delivering pellets from the hopper to the firebox at a steady pace.

Fire Box: The firebox is a rectangular structure with small holes in the bottom and a fan underneath. It comes with an igniting rod that ignites the wood pellets coming in from the auger. Pellets are delivered from the auger steadily, usually by a rotation system, to ensure that the heat and smoke are maintained as you desire.

Igniter: An igniting rod, heated up to a red hot level, ignites wood pellets as they fall inside the firebox. A cooling fan blows air into the pellet smoker from behind the pellet auger to prevent heat backdraft, while the fan underneath the firebox fans the flame – distributing heat evenly throughout the smoker. This heat is used to smoke and slow cook food in the smoker to give it the best flavors possible.

What to Consider When Buying a Pellet Smoker?

When you think of a pellet smoker, what comes to mind is the rich taste of BBQ, better manipulation and convenience. These are exactly what the best pellet smoker should give you. To find out the best, among the many out there, you should think of various features. A burner that can give you control, comfort, long service, and great flavor in food is something a top rated pellet smoker should have. Let’s take a look at all the factors you should consider when making your purchase.

Price Factor:

Price is always an important factor. We all want affordable products, but buying a low-quality, cheap smoker could mean you have to spend more money in the future. A good-quality grill at a convenient price will be durable and be used more because you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Temperature Range:

Temperature range is an important factor. What you’ll need will depend on what kind of cooking you want to do. Top pellet grills can hit temperatures between 180 F to 425 F, enough for baking, smoking, roasting, and grilling. On the other hand, ioif you want to sear meat you need something that reaches the 500-550 F range. A functioning thermometer is a must. You’ll need a precise and accurate reading so you’ll know you’re cooking your meat at the right temperature.

3 position controller

3-Position Controller:

Consistency is the key to having the best results. If you want to make a tender brisket, your cooking temperature should be close to 250 F during the entire 12-hour cooking period. The control board is responsible for precision. There are three types of controllers – PID multi-position, non-PID one-touch, and 3-position. Check out the different types of controllers for the one that is right for you.

Cooking Area, Size and Portability:

Pellet grills come in various sizes from the portable types for tailgating to the extra-large units for commercial use. If you are someone who wants to be able to take your smoker on the go, be it camping, partying or any other event you’ll want something that’s easy to lift and has wheels to facilitate movement. If you have lots of parties and gatherings at home, then you might want something bigger. Its all up to what your needs are.

Features and Capabilities:

Some people think simple is best and some love a smoker grill that comes with all the bells and whistles on the market. If you are someone who likes to have all the latest features have a look out for a smoker grill that has some of the extras below:

  • Control boards with meat probe inputs
  • Programmable meat probes
  • Direct grilling options
  • Ancillary cooking racks
  • Wi-Fi capabilities

Who are The Pellet Smokers For?

Who can benefit from pellet smokers? They are for anyone who loves the taste of BBQ.

Honestly, these smokers add a whole new milestone in the world of smoker grill. It represents an easy user and environmentally friendly method as well.

  • People who like easy and hassle-free smoking:

Do you enjoy hassle and stress-free living? If you want to enjoy the juicy smoked BBQ ribs with your friends and family without feeling disturbed, then the automatic smoker is the top choice for you. The automatic smoker, a pellet smoker, makes for an ideal choice. Do you know why it has it has earned the reputation of the best among all the easy to use smokers? You will find the automatic features incredibly easy to use and this convenient product’s simplicity stands out.

  1. Automatic ignition
  2. Auto fuel feed
  3. Maintaining temperature consistency
  4. Easy to clean function
  5. Portability

You experience all of these benefits by using a pellet smoker.

One thing you must keep in mind: Do not forget to get a smoker with an electric start and auto auger control. These functions will make your experience better and your life easier.

  • Competition: If you are buying a smoker for participating in any competition, then pellet smokers are your best choice. Gas or electric smoker grills are not allowed in any competition as they are using automation. Though you are getting temperature control and electronic start in pellet smoker it is accepted in competition. This pellet smoker review will point out the ones best for a competition.
  • Novices: Do you consider yourself a novice with a smoker grill? If so have no shame, in fact, look at me, I started as a novice too! Realistically, no one becomes a geek in 2 weeks of studying or research. So as a beginner you must look for an easy to use smoker grill. Well, the primary concept of a pellet smoker lies in its easy to use features. Set it and forget represents the motto and the main aspect you crave, right?
  • Professionals: the pellet smoker has emerged as the best option for beginners. However, that does not mean that a top grilling expert will not benefit from using it. Using a pellet smoker, the professional can turn normal pork into a mouth-watering dish with any kind of flavor. The precise temperature control will help any professional make the dish more accurate. A top pellet smoker can display some delicious magic that will prove unforgettable.
  • Travelers: Hey travelers, we haven’t forgotten about making your life easier. Have you ever tried smoked rabbit while jungle camping? If so, then you know the thrill and enjoyment in it, but you probably wouldn’t go through the hassle of taking a smoker in the jungle. Wait a minute mate, I recommend the top pellet smoker grills for a successful camping adventure with friends or family. I cannot count how many times we have done seen the advantages of this. It makes for an awesome experience every time. We recommend pellet smokers because of the lightweight and easy to shift aspects. It can fit easily in your car, which makes it the travelers dream.
  • Tech geeks: A tech geek will also prefer a Pellet smoker grill and some of the latest grills including Green Mountain Grills came up with some exciting tech functionality like Wi-Fi! Just imagine, hanging with friends and monitoring your pork with your smartphone? You can increase and decrease temperature and control pellet feed without even touching the grill. This gives you the ability to cook while you work!
  • Environment-conscious people: By the way, do you really care for the environment? If you do, then you should start burning pellets now. Have a look at the chart to see some amazing information!

best pellet smoker:

Figure Adapted from “The Carbon Balance of Woodfuel,” Northern Woodheat, 2010.

Burning wood pellets produces up to 90% less Carbon Dioxide than traditional fossil fuels such as gas or oil. Burning just one ton of wood pellets can replace approximately 400 liters of oil – saving up to 1,070kg of Carbon Dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

In other words, any smart person will choose the top pellet smoker out there for many reasons. You will get best smoked trout or pork prepared by yourself with only one-third of the effort compared to other smoker grills. I am decently smart and I love pellet smoker because it works wonders.

Should You Upgrade or Change Your Current Smoker Grill?

Normally you will get 1- 3 years of warranty for the top pellet smokers from different companies. Traeger will serve you with a 3-year warranty while Camp Chef will give you only 1 year of warranty. Considered this the safe period for your pellet grill, so take advantage. If you own a top quality smoker then you may need not to think of any replacement within 5 years of buying.

When you have owned your smoker grill for 5-6 years you start wondering if owning a new one would be the best idea. This might happen because you are facing problems with your machine and not getting the desired result. The first and primary advice in this situation remains to clean up your grill thoroughly. Open up each and every part then proceed to doing a thorough cleaning. Most of the problems like temperature inconsistency or jamming will get solved this way.

If you really want to replace your smoker grill then you should ask yourself these questions:

Will upgrading solve my problem?

If you have faced or currently face the problem with common things like pellet feed jamming or wear and tear of your smoker, then replacing the exact component will solve your problem. Thus, without changing your whole smoker you can continue with some $40 – $50 changes. It might seem complicated for you if you face a problem with your digital control system. Adding the element of professional knowledge will help tremendously. Solving problem with $150 is much better than spending $500, right?

Do I know how to perform this upgrade?

Like I said before, sometimes you will find it difficult to perform the upgrade yourself. Replacing the digital control system seems much more difficult than I thought when I did it. Your smoker manual will certainly help you in this regard. You should seek help from YouTube as you can see what exactly to do.

When is it the right time to change it completely and look for a better one?

Honestly, it solely depends on what type of upgrade you need. If you do not get the desired amount of smoke, you need then check your induction fan. Maybe it does not function properly and changing one will cost you around $30 – $40, problem solved.

If you have an older smoker and need a lot of physical maintenance like changing the hopper and the digital control, then changing those two parts may not help. These two changes may cost you $200 – $250 and with a rusty hopper, you will continuously lose the smoke you produce. This is not safe for your health, so in this situation, you should definitely opt to get a new pellet smoker grill.

How We Picked and Tested

At Grills Forever, we work hard to bring you the best product reviews possible through an extensive online research process. We go through countless online reviews and browse through different brands, both known and unknown. We then go through their features and the value they can provide to the users. We shortlist the top products to do physical testing and then come up with a review. We do this on a regular basis to keep our list up-to-date.

That’s right! Every time we have a BBQ party, we are reviewing something. But it’s not all fun and games all the time. The process gets expensive pretty soon and these are the sacrifices we make to bring you the best value.

When reviewing pellet smokers, we’ve gone through over 1000 different user reviews to get an accurate understanding of how useful the products have been to them. With that primary data in hand, we did an extensive online research on 65 products from 17 different brands popular brands. In fact, we even looked into three less known brands as well, but they failed to stand out. We left no stone unturned.

From among these 65 products, we have selected the top class pellet smokers out there shortlisting 18 of the best candidates. Then, we have conducted a secondary research and compared their features against each other to find the best 10. Finally, we have compiled this review list of top 10 best rated pellet smokers considering their features, reviews, ratings, review frequencies and how great they were when we tested them out during BBQ parties.

Top Pick: Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill

Since we are barbecuing experts, our top pick will definitely be a pellet smoker that is appropriate for almost everyone looking for a pellet grill. Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill is built to help the outdoor cooking buffs take their backyard cooking venture to a whole new level.

Best Smoker Under 500$

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill

With the Patented Drop down cleaning system & digital advanced temperature chip, Smoking was never so easy. All time favorite.

Why Is It Our Top Pick?

You must have thoughts in your mind centered around the thousands of pellet smokers and why SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill by Camp Chef is our no 1 choice. We will list the detailed features, pros and cons of this smoker. First, let me tell you why this smoker grabbed the top spot on our pellet smoker review.

For you to understand we made point by point notes detailing why we like it so much.

  1. This grill has full automation from start to clean the ash off. If you want that type of automatic smoker, you need to increase your budget over 900$ – 1000$. PG24 by Camp Chef is special because of its comparatively low cost.
  2. The auto pellet feed is great. Though you can see this feature represents 80% of the present-day smokers, we relied on the fame of camp chef. Three years have passed with no jamming at all.
  3. What we loved most is that it has a trap door to allow burn pot cleaning after every cooking. It lessened our job of cleaning this pellet smoker by 60%. It is more than amazing because from our research we know that a feature like this will cost twice as much as the Camp Chef. Honestly, this has emerged as our key point when we selected this smoker to be the best in our review.
  4. We also loved this smoker because it has an auto shut down feature. That means you can even go to the office and enjoy delicious smoked ribs by dinner time. Only 30% – 35% of the existing smokers have got this feature.

Many other features, like its automatic control and built-in meat probe have made us select this smoker as the top one in our pellet smoker review. And the most amazing fact is the price. In the price range, we never thought that we could get all these features and benefits. We took all the top smokers into considerations like the Rec Tec smokers, but this SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill by Camp Chef can beat all through its performance and affordability.

PG24 by Camp Chef Review

SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill by Camp Chef features tons of built-in features, designed to facilitate the cooking process. It is a smoker for cooks who are serious about getting the real taste of barbecues from their smoker grills. It’s worth your money believe me. Let’s look at its top features.

Temperature control

Controlling temperature is the best way to get the desired piece of cooked meat. This smoker grill has a built-in thermostatic control and a digital thermometer, so that means you won’t have to do much guesswork during barbecue. If the sensors sense a fall in temperature, more wood pellets are added to the burner, which allows you to place the meat on grill and relax.

It also features an dual electric ignition switch plus LED dual temperature displaying the cooking temperature which is one of the top things that a user should look for.

Cooking area

This smoker has cooking area measuring 560 sq. inches, large enough to allow you to smoke food for your friends and family. This is also enough to give you the best grilling experience, as we’ve found after reviewing the top products from Camp Chef. It also has a useful rack where you can keep your smoked food hot while your waiting for your whole meal to come together or that one couple who always arrive late for the party.

Digital control

This Pellet Grill by Camp Chef Pellet Grill also brings along a digital controller which you could use to set your desired temperature and at one point the heat in the chamber will be automatically adjusted. It allows meat to be smoked for hours at a temperature of 150 degrees F. You could increase temperature to 500 degrees F for searing and grilling. With convection, the cold and hot areas of the grill can be replaced with even heat.

Meat Probe

With a temperature probe for the meat inside the chamber, this allows you to keep an eye on the temperature of your meat without opening the grill. Nothing ruins a brisket or roast faster than the griller who constantly fiddles with the meat on the grill. Opening the chamber lets the heat out and that can quickly make for some tough meat. This handy feature takes the guesswork out of how ready your meal is, helping you get the best outcome.


This smoker has a weight of 124 lb with a pellet hopper that has 20-pound capacity. That’s so large, you won’t need to worry of getting more before your meal is done. This approach allows you to have the ultimate cooking experience. When the temperature drops, one wood pellet is released. This convenience can’t be found in other grill types, like gas or charcoal.

This unit will not let even a single pellet go to waste. No need of worrying whether you’re out of pellets or not. You can carry pellets at a maximum of 20 pounds, with the digital thermostat ensuring the pellets are being used properly. This saves you loads of cash and gives you smoking food simultaneously without wasting time in refilling pellets.

Cleaning and maintenance

Now we come to the part no one likes and that’s cleaning. This smoker won’t clean itself but it does make the process a lot easier. Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill is created in a way that gives you easier access to the fire pot making cleaning out the ash effortless. It also has trap door that allows you to clean the unit without scouring through grease and ash. Anyone who has ever had to clean a smoker grill knows how time-consuming and enormous the task can be. This trap door is only present in expensive units, but you’ll be glad you paid a little more when cleaning becomes effortless. You could also buy the other version that could come with cover (which is $50 more expensive) to make sure the smoker is in the best condition at all times.

Power outage bypass

This allows bypassing the relight feature in case of a power outage in your home. Power outages may not happen often but when it does, this feature can save the hot rod from any wear and tear. It proves that the manufacturers actually did a lot of homework when designing this unit.

  • Digital LED temperature control system
  • Stainless steel meat probe to monitor the temperature
  • A large cooking area of 560 cubic inches with a removable upper rack
  • Trapdoor and easier access to the fire pot for easy cleaning
  • Efficient use of pellets
  • Easy assembly with a video tutorial on the Camp Chef website
  • Requires a high power input to start


This wood pellet smoker is the best choice for any expert smoker. Its reasonable price and amazing features make it a good prolonged investment. It comes with lots of nifty features that facilitate, smoking, grilling and searing in your backyard. For all these reasons, in our pellet smoker review, we consider this smoker as the top choice for the serious BBQ buffs.

Runner Up Pick: Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill With Sear Box

Why is this our Runner Up Pick??

Nothing Second Rate About It

Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill

Camp Chef Woodwind offers a state of the art pellet grill with digital temperature controls, a patented ash cleanout, and perfected sear box offering up to 900 degrees F! The stainless steel grill is visually pleasing and guaranteed to bring flavor to your food.

This pellet grill is guaranteed to take your cooking game to a whole new level. The versatile grill offers endless options for grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, braising, and barbequing anything your heart desires. The pellet grill can reach temperatures anywhere from 160 F to 500 F! Talk about a whole lot of grill power. We gave it the 2nd spot on our list doesn’t mean it has less number of features than PG24 (INFACT IT HAS MORE). The main reason we chose this grill as our second pick to the Camp Chef PG24 is its price which is on the higher side.

1. The Woodwind grill contains “Smart Smoke” technology that guarantees the most accurate temperatures. This digital gauge will ensure you maintain constant heat at temperatures you want. No more burning food and awkward barbeques!

2. Cleaning up is a huge part of the grilling experience that no one likes to think about. Take comfort in knowing this grill has a simple and easy clean out process. The grill contains a patented clean out container that simply requires you to twist and dump. No need to take apart the grill here!

3. The grill offers one of the best sear boxes on the market. It can reach up to 900 degrees F giving your food a crisp and perfect sear. The 16,000 BTU stainless steel burner also contains a built-in ignition. The sear box offers grill masters another state of the art tool in their arsenal. While the sear box is an awesome feature, it bumps up the price compared to the PG24.

4. The versatility of the grill allows you to prepare all of your favorite dishes to your specifications. The hardwood pellets bring out natural and juicy flavors of your food. Additionally, the grill uses convection heating that circulates the burning pellets throughout the grill. The combination of these techniques draws out the best flavors and gives your meat the perfect cook.

Detailed Review

Our 2nd Pick: Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet GrillThe Woodwind Pellet Grill offers an all-encompassing and powerful grill for a reasonable price. Its digital temperature control, large cooking area, ash cleanout system, and elite sear box give the grill an edge over the competition. The ease of use and diverse features allows the most novice cooks to use the grill. In addition, experienced grill masters can admire the beautiful aesthetic and dynamic features of the grill.

Temperature control

The Smart Smoke technology is one of the most convenient and easy to use features on the grill. It contains a dual LED temperature readout that keeps the heat at a constant temperature. This means you have more time for socializing and can sit back and relax. The temperature ranges from 160 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The grill uses a pellet feeder system that burns slowly to add intense flavor to your food. It also uses an electric auto-start ignition that requires the grill be plugged into a standard 120v outlet.

Versatile Cooking

With a temperature range of 160 degrees F to 500 degrees F, you can cook however you want. Braise, grill, roast, bake, smoke or barbecue your foods — that’s entirely up to you. This smoker is powerful enough to cook even the most demanding dishes.


Aesthetic and Functionality

The grill is plated with beautiful stainless steel that gives the grill a refined and impressive look. The huge cooking area includes 570 square inches of surface area. That’s enough to hold 20 burgers or 4 rib racks! It also contains a second warming rack and bottom shelf that provides the grill stability and extra storage. This version comes with a sear box that can reach temperature of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, which caramelizes your food. There’s a cheaper version without a sear box that costs around $200 less if a sear box isn’t a necessity for you. Additionally, the legs are built with extreme thickness giving the grill a grounded base. The caster wheels add portability to the grill so you can find that perfect place in the backyard.


The cleanout for both the pellets and ash is a huge perk to the grill. The patented “Easy Ash Cleanout” does not require the user to take apart the grill. Instead, they simply have to twist and dump the container. The 18lb pellet hopper is similarly an easy cleanout. The stainless steel also makes it easier to clean the grill because of the steel’s properties.

  • Smart smoke temperature monitoring (160-500 degrees F)
  • Easy clean up
  • Sear box’s high temperature (up to 900 degrees F)
  • Durable and stable
  • Portable
  • No Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Accessories can be costly


The Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill was chosen as our second choice because it lacks some capabilities of the PG24. The grill is rather heavy, at an overall weight of 146lbs. The contrasts with the PG24 which is 124lbs. The PG24 also contains a shutdown feature that gives the user more flexibility. This allows the grill to do more of the cooking for you. Lastly, the Woodwind pellet grill is more expensive than the PG24. The PG24 is overall a better bang for your buck.

Budget Pick: Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

Why is this our Budget Pick?

Best Under $400

Green Mountain Grill

At an affordable price, you already get all of the features you would need for a wonderful time outdoors. Its WiFi compatibility takes convenience to a whole new level. Control your cooking through your phone!

  • It’s the lowest priced smoker in our list.
  • Lots of excellent features that you would expect on a much-higher priced item. In fact, it satisfied most of the features we looked for when reviewing pellet smokers.
  • Wi-Fi compatibility – control it through your phone!
  • Sense-Mate feature which monitors the grill temperature.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features that this budget-friendly smoker has to offer:

Detailed Review



The great part about this smoker is that it is fairly light-weight, weighing in at 69 lbs, and its legs double as handles: all you have to do is fold the legs up and carry the smoker wherever you need to! Furthermore, this smoker comes with a 12V connector that you can plug into the cigarette lighter of your car, and a 12-foot alligator clips that you can connect to your car’s battery if necessary. You can take this smoker anywhere!

Open Flame Technology

The Davy Crockett Pellet Grill offers open flame technology which uses infrared radiation to cook your food. The peaked lid not only allows for you to cook tall slabs of meat, but it also helps the convection process within the grill, making sure that your meat is thoroughly and evenly cooked. This top notch technology ensures that you get that consistent and authentic tasting BBQ every time you fire up the grill!

Sense-Mate Feature

The Sense-Mate feature is another one of the best additions to this smoker: it is a thermal sensor system that monitors and reads the internal temperature of the grill within 5ºF of the actual temperature! Once you set your desired temperature using its digital controls, the Sense-Mate technology reads and monitors the temperature, while displaying it on the LCD display. Sense-Mate makes sure that heat is kept at a constant temperature, so whether you are cooking at 150ºF or 550ºF, you can rest assured that your meats will be evenly cooked.

WiFi Compatibility

We were surprised to see that the pellet grill was WiFi-compatible. Usually, grills come with basic remotes, but this one comes with a digital WiFi controller. It allows you to control and monitor your cooking through an app on your iOS or Android phone. We found this convenient, since we didn’t have to get up to check on our grill every few minutes. This is probably why it’s one of the top pellet grills in the market.

Free Accessories

In addition, the Davy Crockett Pellet Grill comes with multiple accessories. These include a meat probe, peaked lid (which is useful for large fowls and stand-up chickens), rib racks, a convenience tray as well as utensil hooks. This takes away the trouble of having to order additional parts for modification.

  • Sense-Mate temperature monitoring
  • Open Flame Technology
  • Portability
  • Large Wood Chip Tray
  • Wide Temperature Range (150ºF -550ºF)
  • Convenience tray on the side for utensils, sauces, or plates
  • Grilling capacity is on the lower side


While the Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill is compatible with most iOS and Android devices, I want to stress, check the compatibility of your device with the grill before purchasing because it would suck to buy this grill only to find out that this feature is not compatible. Also, if you do not plan on using the grill on some elevated surface, the legs are not tall so the grill sits close to the ground. Regardless, this is a GREAT smoker: your meat will come out tender and juicy with that authentic BBQ taste we all love! Neither of these cons affects the quality of your BBQ and both can be worked around.

All of GMG’s like of product lines like the Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie come with similar features. In fact, the Daniel Boone will always be a better alternative to the Davy Crockett. However, the Daniel Boone line isn’t winning any spot in our budget pick due to its higher price tag. With its build and quality, it does become one of our honorable mentions, if not the pick; and the Davy Crockett continues to be the top choice for the grillers on budget.

Advanced Pick: Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill

Why We Chose This as Advanced Pick

Best Under $600

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill

This grill’s Smart-Smoke Technology brings the luxury of convenience to your succulent, smokey BBQ with the press of a single button! The price is worth the amazing experience! A truly great smoker!

  1. The Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker comes with Smart Smoke Technology, which lets you set and forget your grilling. It accurately sets and maintains the desired temperature using an automated electric feed system, heating your unit from 180 degrees F to 450 degrees F. We’ve gotten used to smokers taking around 30-40 minutes to heat up, but with this unit, it took only 20 minutes for the temperature to settle in!
  2. This unit costs almost half of what most high-end smokers cost, but it offers equal (or even better!) features. This 8-in-1 smoker and grill lets you enjoy the fun of grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, searing, braising, barbecuing and char-grilling!
  3. With just one push of the button, this Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker uses its electric auto-ignition system to fire up your grill using authentic wood pellets. You got that right, it doesn’t use gas, propane or charcoal!

Detailed Review

pellet-smokers-4Complete with a variety of spectacular features, the Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker redefines the whole concept of smoking. At a reasonable price, this smoker gives you more than what you paid for. It offers top technology-rich features that ensure consistent smoking for that great smoky flavor. Plus, many customers – including ourselves – have attested to its durability. This smoker will serve you without failure for a very long time.

Every outdoor cooking enthusiast wants an affordable pellet smoker that has all of the key features that even a high-end unit would have. In most cases, this is just a dream and a result of false advertising, because most impressive smokers typically cost a hefty sum of money. The Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker claims to be a reasonably-priced smoker that offers top-of-the-line features, and many users have agreed with those claims. With this pellet smoker review of the Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, we’ll find out if it really does what it claims to do.

Key Features

Some of the top features of this pellet smoker include:

Smart automatic heating

Most traditional grills and smokers would have you struggling to reach the desired temperature, but with this unit, that problem is long gone. All you have to do is set your temperature using its digital controls, and press a button to get it heated up.

Internal temperature control for thorough cooking

Once it reaches the ideal temperature, it uses an Internal Temperature Sensor to maintain it throughout the cooking process. Forget about checking on the status of your grilling every few minutes, this unit makes sure your food is cooked thoroughly and evenly — no babysitting needed here! This way, you can enjoy your time with your friends, which is what a BBQ party should be.

Massive cooking area

The Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker comes with a primary cooking surface of 513 square inches, plus a second cooking rack with 187 square inches. Its large cooking space makes it ideal for large events, letting you grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, barbecue and char-grill all sorts of food at once.

Authentic smoky flavor

No gas, charcoal and propane solutions here. This grill uses only wood pellets, letting you serve that pro-like, rich smoky flavor that your guests will enjoy. Do you want to cook more recipes? The Z Grills website features dozens of recipes for your indulgence.

  • Big cooking area with additional secondary grill space
  • Hassle-free and even cooking every time
  • Easy to move with built-in wheels
  • Does not come with accessories (can be expensive if bought, too)
  • Hopper quickly runs out of pellets
  • Lack of convenient cleanup system


With a large cooking space and the most advanced cooking techniques, this is easily one of our favorite products among our top ten. While it lacks some of the features that the other grills and smokers in this review have (such as an ash and grease cleanup systems), it does deliver fine-dining quality foods, which is the ultimate goal of every grilling enthusiast. For its price, it offers some of the best features you can find in high-end products.

Portable Pick: Traeger Grills Tailgater 20 Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Why is this our Portable Pick?

BBQ Anywhere, Everywhere

Traeger Grills Tailgater 20 Portable

Easy to fold legs and versatile cooking options make this grill an ideal decision for any outdoor activity. It even has digital temperature controls!

  • Easy to fold legs and versatile cooking options
  • Less storage space than the Lil Tex Elite Model
  • Digital temperature controls
  • 85% of the features we were looking for in our pellet smoker reviews
  • Durable build
  • 6-in-1 features: grill, smoke, roast, bake, braise and BBQ!

Let’s have look at its features:

Detailed Review



The Traeger grill and smoker is extremely easy to transport. It comes with EZ-fold legs which allow you to easily pack it up and throw it in your car trunk, ready to go. With a height of 38 inches, width of 35 inches, and weight of 76 pounds, this can quickly be transported to even the most rugged terrain.

Grilling Area

Being portable doesn’t mean it has to be extra small. This smoker boasts an accommodating 300 square inches of grilling space. This is enough to cook around twelve burgers or three racks of ribs. Perfect for families going on camping!

Temperature Control

With its Integrated Digital Elite Controller, temperature is kept constant within + / – 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It also allows for low/slow and hot/fast smoking for up to 450 degrees. Checking up on your food’s temperature is also made easy with the LED display, which clearly shows the temperature even under bright daylight.

Versatile Cooking

Using 100% hardwood pellets, this smoker gives you authentic, smoky flavored foods whatever you do with it, whether it’s smoking, grilling, baking, roasting, braising, or BBQing. You get the wood-fired taste all of your guests are looking forward to each time.

  • 6-in-1 cooking
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • Digital temperature control
  • Cooking area limited to small groups
  • A bit too short


Overall, the Traeger Grills Tailgater is a top choice for outdoor trips with small families or groups. While it doesn’t deliver the most convenient and advanced cooking as compared to the other picks in this pellet smoker review, it does have the right degree of portability and functionality needed in any outdoor adventure.

A List of 5 Other Pellet Smokers We Reviewed

The most versatile smoker

Pit Boss 71700FB Pellet Grill

Whether it’s smoking, grilling, searing, roasting, braising, char-grilling, baking, searing or barbecuing, you can do all of that with just one product.

Cooking Surface

With a massive 700 square inches of primary grilling space, this grill impressed us when compared to other Pit Boss grills we reviewed. Its size is large enough to cook for large groups of people. It features a Flame Broiler that uses slide-plates which allow for direct flame grilling, which means you get an even cast-iron cooking each time. If the 700 square inches isn’t enough, you can make use of the additional upper cooking rack space. The racks are made of porcelain-coated cast iron for optimum grilling as well as easier maintenance.

Versatile Cooking

Pit Boss’s real wood cooking lets both beginners and pros cook and smoke everything from ribs to fish, bake biscuits to pizza, grill burgers to vegetables, sear and charbroil steaks and more. It’s an 8-in-1 beast that will spice up your kitchen.


Temperature Control

The flame broiler uses a digitally controlled burn system. Its Digital Control Center lets you set the temperature ranging from 170F to 600F with ease. The desired temperature is set and maintained through an electric auto-start and fan-forced air mechanism. These, in addition, give that flavorful smoky taste to all of your foods. The auger automatically feeds pellets into the smoker, so you can pretty much let it take care of everything.

Pit Boss Advantage

Pit Boss takes pride in their top-of-the-line cooking process. The Pit Boss 71700FB uses a fan-forced air accelerate to maintain the flame, achieving that flavorful smoky taste. Its flame broiler also has two cooking settings, direct and indirect, that elevate the food’s flavor while keeping excess grease away.

All-Natural Fuel

No gas, propane or charcoal used here. This smoker uses 100% natural cooking-grade wood pellets. You won’t have to worry — the wood pellets don’t contain any fillers, adders, scents or adhesives. This delivers that authentic smoky flavor without risking your health.

  • 700 square inches cooking space
  • Extra upper rack cooking space
  • 100% wood pellets
  • Digitally-controlled temperature
  • Uses only Pit Boss brand pellets which are expensive


The rest of the product we reviewed offered 6-in-1 features, but this one surprised us with its 8-in-1 cooking versatility. If an efficient smoker that can do multiple things is what you’re after, then there’s no need to look further. This could just be your top choice! The pit Boss Pellet Grill with Flame Broiler cooks almost all kinds of food with 100% genuine wood pellets. Talk about quality and quantity!

Best Under $700

Traeger Lil Tex Elite Grill

With a 6-in-1 feature, this smoker and grill lets you cook whatever your heart desires. Get ready for some pro-level cooking.

Grilling Surface

This smoker offers a decent 418 square inches of grilling space. This is enough to cook around sixteen burgers or four whole chickens. If the grilling space isn’t enough, Traeger also offers a larger unit that offers the same features at a higher price range. But the medium sized one is enough to cook for large groups of people already. Built to have a high capacity, this smoker allows for multiple cooking at the same time.

Set it and Forget it

The cooking process is made a lot more convenient with this smoker. To start cooking, all you need to do is flip the Traeger on/off switch, and you’re good to go. Then, you can simply set your desired temperature through the digital controls. Enjoy your time and relax while you leave the unit to do everything else. With its efficient temperature control system and automated auger with an induction fan, heat remains constant throughout the cooking process. You’ll have evenly-cooked foods that have that mouth-watering smoky flavor in no time.

Versatile Cooking

You aren’t limited to basic barbecuing. For us, what really stood out was its ability to deliver pro chef-level cooking even at home. This smoker lets you explore all there is about cooking, letting you braise, grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise and BBQ all kinds of food. Using only the best and the purest hardwood pellets, you’re sure to have the juiciest and tastiest meats and vegetables every time you host your outdoor parties. If you think you have to give up quality because of the quantity of foods it can cook, that’s not the case. Quality is maintained whatever it is you’re cooking.
This smoker comes with two cooking settings: hot and fast, and low and slow. Its Digital Elite Controller makes setting the temperature a breeze — all you have to do is turn the dial to your desired temperature, and you can leave it for the rest of the cooking process. This smoker can reach the temperature of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The digital display on top of the grill lets you monitor the heat conveniently.

Convenient Cleanout

Aside from coming with porcelain-coated grills that are non-stick in quality, the product comes with an ash cleanout system which makes it easy for you to simply dump the ash and get started on your next cooking.

  • Convenient ash cleanout system
  • 6-in-1 versatile cooking
  • Efficient digital controls and auger system
  • Uses 100% pure wood pellets
  • A bit expensive
  • Does not come with accessories


This smoker offers a variety of useful functions that will allow you to smoke, grill, bake, braise, roast and BBQ anything and everything. It’s definitely worth your money because if you take care of it properly, it’s going to last you a long time.

Pro-level cooking for the non-pros

Camp Chef SE Pellet Grill

Camp Chef made this smoker with a built-in temperature gauge and a great grease management system. These features make the process of grilling fun and the cleanup afterward easy, all for a fair price!

Grilling capacity

Another “set it and forget it” pellet grill, the Camp Chef allows you to set the temperature controls for up to a range of 500 degrees F, and leave it to do the regulating. With its efficient auto-dispensing pellet hopper and digital temperature controls, the pellet grill sets, maintains and adjusts the desired temperature for even cooking each time. With consistent and fuss-free temperature control, you’ll sure to have the most perfectly grilled foods.

Temperature control

This smoker offers a massive 560 cubic inches of grilling area with a large-capacity pellet hopper. Even though it’s the perfect starter grill, it’s still packed with plenty of extras that even the pro chefs will enjoy. If the grilling space isn’t enough, the removable upper racks can be turned into extra cooking space. The smokestack behind the unit can also be converted into a prep area.


Efficient hopper

In addition, the pellet hopper can hold a large amount of wood pellets. This means that you won’t need to frequently refill your hopper, which just adds to its convenience. It can hold up to 18 pounds of pellets. Its automatic mode allows it to disperse them throughout the cooking process as it maintains the desired temperature.


Although this would not work as a portable grill, it does come with built-in wheels for convenience. You can easily transfer your grill to any part of your backyard and it will stay secured in place (as long as it’s on an even surface, of course).

Cleanup system

Cleaning up after grilling is every cook’s dreaded part of the process, but this pellet grill simplifies that. Its warming rack comes with a patented ash-catcher system, the Ash Can Cleanout System, that allows for an easier cleanup of the unit. Additionally, it also features a grease drip disposal system that comes with a bucket. You won’t have to waste precious time cleaning up afterward!

View a Detailed and Illustrated Review

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Large cooking and working area
  • Precise temperature management with digital controls
  • Sturdy construction that adds to durability
  • Heavier than other smokers in this glass
  • Pellets recommended by the manufacturer are expensive


For a large-sized smoker, the Camp Chef SmokePro SE delivers excellent, smoky-tasting flavor that even beginners can accomplish. This is largely due to its automatic temperature control features and grease management system, allowing you relax while it cooks for you. With minimal cons (only weight and pellet price), this is a definite hit among professionals and newbies. The SmokePro SE is an unquestionable bang for your buck kind of purchase.

Simplified Smoking Process

Camp Chef PG24S Pellet Grill

This grill offers the patented ash can and hopper clean-out system that makes cleanup easy. I love this smoker because, with the press of a button, you can check the internal temperature of your meat!

Temperature Control

The Camp Chef PG24S lets you set the smoker to your desired settings so you can leave it to relax while it does the rest for you. With an advanced digital temperature chip, it steadily monitors the temperature, achieving a constant cooking temperature at all times. Dual LED temperature displays allow you to easily check the temperature of the food kept inside your smoker without losing any heat. With an auto-dispensing pellet hopper that can hold around 18 pounds, your pellets are used efficiently. The grill can work in temperatures that range from 160F to 400F.

Grilling Space

This heavy-duty top-notch grill and smoker has a total cooking area of 429 square inches, which is large enough for cooking around twenty burgers at once. If that’s not enough, it comes with a secondary rack of 144 square inches that you can use for smoking or warming. With a height of 32.5 inches, you can cook a variety of meats and foods to your heart’s desire.


Hopper Capacity

With the Camp Chef PG24S, you won’t have to constantly refill your hopper. Your pellets will be used as efficiently as possible, as this product comes with a hopper that can hold up to 18 pounds of wood pellets. With the digital heat control system, it instantly feeds the pellets into the grill to maintain the ideal cooking temperature. This ensures that food is cooked most satisfyingly.

Cleanup and Maintenance

The Camp Chef PG24S uses three cleanup and maintenance systems. The Ash Cup Clean Out System collects leftover ash in a cup for easy cleanup. The Grease Management System instantly drains grease into a bucket for easy disposal. Finally, the Pellet Purge System helps you clean out pellets from your auger with ease. Cleaning up has never been so easy.

  • Large working area
  • No need for internal meat probe
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Efficient utilization of pellets
  • Durable construction
  • Heavier than most grills at 127 pounds
  • Cooking on high temperatures is complicated


The Camp Chef PG24S is one of the most high-capacity, heavy-duty smokers we’ve ever used. For its size, it’s fairly easy to operate and won’t require you much maintenance. Although it’s quite heavy, it definitely cooks large amounts of food for big groups. Overall, a great investment that will last you a long time.

100% real smoky flavor

Camp Chef SmokePro SG Wood Pellet Grill

Everyone who eats BBQ knows that authentic smoky flavor is the best kind. With real hardwood pellets, this smoker easily creates professional-level flavors.

Smart Smoke Technology

The Camp Chef SmokePro utilizes its famous Smart Smoke Technology in using wood pellets efficiently. This makes sure that your foods are smoked to top quality. Because of this, you can “set it and forget it” so that you can sit back and relax.

Grilling Area and Capacity

Available in 24-inch and 36-inch units, the Camp Chef SmokePro is packed with great features for their size. It features a massive 811 square inch rack surface area, perfect for grilling multiple foods at once. Using an auto-dispensing pellet hopper that can hold 22 lbs of pellets, grilling is made convenient and efficient.


Automatic Features

The Camp Chef SmokePro’s automatic features definitely set it apart and make it truly a “set it and forget it” kind of unit. It makes use of an electric auto-igniter system that lets you start grilling with just one button. The automatic auger instantly dispenses pellets to maintain the desired temperature and use your pellets the most efficient way.

Temperature Control

This smoker uses dual meat probes to determine the temperature, and then displays the internal temperature through a convenient dual-LED temperature readout display. You don’t have to risk losing heat just to check on your food’s temperature every once in a while, making sure that you get tender and juicy food all the time.


Just like most Camp Chef products, this pellet grill smoker uses a patented ash cleanup system that takes away the trouble of vacuuming. Ash is immediately stored in an ash clean-out cup that’s easy to dump.

  • Easy cleanout system
  • “Set it and forget it”
  • Digital temperature control
  • Large cooking area
  • Quite expensive
  • Not that many reviews


Some products feature the wood-pellet fuel system as a bonus, but the Camp Chef SmokePro SG makes its wood-fired function the star of the show. Using 100% real hardwood pellets, recreating 5-star-cuisine level dishes on a large scale is now made convenient. Though it still has limited reviews, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this smoker quickly becomes a best-selling choice. It’s the kind of smoker that you need if you want hassle-free and fast cooking.

Honorable Mentions:

We have reviewed the best pellet smokers on the market today after doing our extensive comparative research. However, there were some hidden gems that could not make it to our top 10 product list because of one reason or another e.g. due to their high prices, unavailabilities in some regions, and other factors. Also, some just failed to get in our top 10 list only because it was a top 10 list and not a top 20 list. Regardless of the reasons, here are a few honorable mentions that failed to make it to this top 10 best pellet smoker review, but are still worthy in their own rights:


Things to Consider:

  • Insanely expensive
  • Great Features including:
    • front-folding shelf
    • meat probe
    • Stainless Steel body
    • Wi-Fi controls with Red Tec’s propriety PID algorithm
    • 1000 sq. in. cooking area including option shelf
    • Six-year warranty

Things to Consider:

  • Best in terms of build quality
  • Very High Price
  • Hopper capacity is a little inadequate for its size
  • Features including:
    • Second cooking shelf
    • Front and side shelves
    • Cooking area of 800 sq. in.
    • 20lb hopper capacity
    • Digital Controls (no Wi-Fi)
    • Lots of accessories available

Things to consider:

  • Great puns, great products!
  • Traditional barrel-shaped design and astounding colors
  • Great heating technology with auto-ignition and set-and-forget controls.
  • Temperature range of 180-500°F with auto-shutdown safety if it reaches 650°F.
  • Good build quality – made from robust stainless steel and high-temperature powder coating.

Things to consider:

  • One of the first pellet smoker manufacturers after Traeger’s patent expired
  • Advanced design – a shorter distance from hopper to firebox
  • 1100 sq. in. cooking area including removable grid.
  • Cast iron grids with porcelain coating
  • Built from 14-gauge heavy-duty steel.
  • In-line skate casters for maneuverability
  • “Set-and-Forget” temperature controls with meat probe
  • Flame broiler
  • Auto start-up and cool-down
  • LG’s proprietary exhaust mechanism
  • Adjustable temperature from 170-600°F

Things to consider:

  • Quality build – the third Traeger Grill to make it in our reviews.
  • Hot and Fast and Low and Slow settings
  • Digital Pro Controller
  • Bracket with sawhorse design with wheels
  • Steel construction with powder-coated finish
  • 18lb hopper capacity
  • 380 sq. in. cooking area
  • Porcelain-Coated grill grates
  • Auto-start

Things to consider:

  • Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone is a top seller but is more expensive
  • Their motto is “think everything” – so you can cook pretty much anything on it!
  • Stainless Steel body and steel lid with smooth black powder-coated finish
  • Hard-rubber tires for maneuverability
  • Sense-Mate technology
  • Fan-Only mode to blow off ash and clean the grill

Other Notable Products

During our research, we left no stone unturned. We have gone through all the available brands out there and considered their best products before shortlisting the ones for more detailed research. Since we have gone through the trouble of researching them, we figured we’d share the names of the best products anyway.

Cookshack PG500:

Among the Cookshack products, the Fast Eddy’s PG 500 and PG 1000 stand out. But if we are to choose the best from these two, we’d rather suggest you go for PG500 since that will be the best product from Cookshack.

Z Grills ZPG – 7002 Wood Pellet Grill:

Priced around the $530 range, this product can go head to head with its already impressive counterpart – our advanced pick, Z Grills 7-in-1 wood pellet grill. However, with that product having even better features than this one for a relatively lower price, it failed to land a spot anywhere in our review.

Big Horn XL1093:

Big Horn’s largest available grill, the XL 1093 comes with a large cooking area of 1093 sq inches. With it’s low price tag of around $300 and a high cooking area, this product could have been a great choice for pellet smokers. However, we’d rather not suggest something that’s susceptible to rust and weather conditions to be kept outdoors at all times.

Cabela’s Pro Series 36” Elliptical Pellet Grill:

This is an expensive product compared to the ones in our review. However, its build quality and features are simply the best among the $800 price range it comes in. But when we looked at the users’ preferences, this product found a pretty low rating. If most of the users aren’t willing to buy it, we wouldn’t want to suggest it for you either.

Memphis Elite Pellet Grill – VG0002S:

Without a doubt, this is a grill suited for the grill master. But due to its $5000 price tag, we cannot, in good conscience, suggest it for home and personal use. Hence, this product came to this section instead of our top 10 list.

Outdoor Gourmet – Triton XL:

Outdoor Gourmet is one of the more obscure names in the grill industry. However, it does have a considerable fan base, leading us to investigate this product as well. During our research, this is a product we found worth mentioning in this article.

FireCraft® Pellet-Q450™:

FireCraft, after retailing many different brands of grills, chose to get into this game and released their own line of products. Among them, we believe that among their products, the Q450 stands out.

Additional Parts and Accessories for a Pellet Grill

Despite being a little complicated when compared to the other types of grilling equipment (because of the automatic pellet auger and fan), they are pretty easy to repair if you have the right parts. You can find these parts right at a home depot or online. It doesn’t matter if you need to replace the auger or the fan, the ignitor rod or the hopper, for the top brands, you’ll find the replacement parts just as easily. Let’s look at the replaceable parts of a pellet smoker:

Lighting Mechanism: The lighting mechanism, as has already been mentioned, is responsible for firing up wood pellets. Although its individual parts cannot be found for all brands of pellet smokers, the whole mechanisms can be found bundled for all of them. They usually include a lighting rod with wires, a connection pin and thermocouples.

Wheels: These are not only replaceable, but are also affordable, available and necessary. More often than not, you’d find that the wheels are wearing off if the smoker sees heavy movement. We’d suggest you not to trail your smoker around with your car (unless it’s a trailer rig) if you don’t want to replace these very frequently.

Door Thermometers: Not all pellet grills come with a door thermometer, but for the ones that do, don’t see any problems with this device very often. On the off chance that your one gets broken by that stray throw by your kid, you should be able to get a replacement for it online.

Auger Motors: These are the single most important things for a pellet smoker to function properly (apart from the Lighting Mechanism). If you find yourself in a situation where you need them to be replaced, you’d be able to get one for $30-$50 at a local home depot, hardware store or online.

Fan Motors: The best fans and fan motors come pre-bundled for use if you find your grill not working properly. Replacing these parts are simple and with the internet in the tips of your fingers, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a video tutorial for it after you buy one.

PID Controllers: Digital controllers for these smokers are replaceable, but they need to be purchased separately for different brands of pellet smokers. Unfortunately, there is no “One-Model-Fits-All” controller out there.

Chimney, Hinge, and Body Parts: Loose body parts like screws, hinges, and chimneys for your pellet smoker can be widely found at a hardware store or online. May it be the casters for the wheels or a broken axle, you wouldn’t have much trouble finding a replacement for it.

Apart from the replacement parts for a pellet smoker, there are also certain accessories that one can use to increase the range of its usefulness as well as improve its performance. A user can attach a griddle attachment to a pellet grill to use it as a flat top griddle, or use a hopper extender to increase the pellet hopper capacity; there is an attachment for every purpose to suit all of your needs. Let’s take a look at the types of accessories commonly found:

Grill Covers: They protect the grill from dust, water and the weather in general.

Direct Grill Grates: These allow you to add some more cooking space for cooking and a different grill marks pattern for your meat.

Meat Probes: You’d want to know what temperature your meat is at when being cooked. For grills that come without meat probes, or if your existing ones are broken, you can get these accessories to help you out.

Cooking Utensils: Grill tongs, grill cleaners, scrapers, spatula…. Whatever you need for cooking, are usually sold (and sometimes bundled with your product) by your smoker manufacturer.

Flat-Top: A flat top griddle can be placed over the grills to get a different cooking experience and increase the range of items you can cook.

Pellet Hopper Extender: Some models of smokers allow you to attach a hopper extender, allowing it to hold a larger amount of wood pellets to be cooked with. It is extremely useful for increasing your slow cooking times without the need for supervision.

Care and Maintenance for Pellet Smokers

We love recommending and reviewing wood pellet smoker grills, but we also want you to get the most out of them once you purchase. Without proper care and maintenance, even the best pellet smoker is bound to have a shorter lifespan. Therefore, how you use your smoker and how you maintain it after use greatly determines how long it will serve you. A little bit of work will go a long way toward extending the life of your smoker. A thorough cleaning of the smoker should occur at least once a year. If you frequently use it, you should have it done at least three times a year. Buying quality pellets will extend its life as well.

Cleaning Before You Cook:

Most old-timers will tell you that a buildup of soot and grease will improve the taste of your food. This does not prove true, in fact, it’s not good for you and can even be dangerous. At Grills Forever we want your grilling experience to be the best and safe. Therefore, before any cooking session, always clean your grill to optimize its performance and prevent any off-flavors. Check the grease pans or collectors before smoking because the collector could be full and overflow, starting a fire. If there is a grease chute then clean it for sure.

Inspecting Your Burners:

Burners represent an important component of your smoker grill and you need to inspect them often. Make sure there are no blockages or corrosion. Cleaning your burn pot with the proper methods will provide great benefits.

Replacing Your Gaskets:

Certain parts of your smoker grill will wear out faster than others if you use your smoker a lot. So, you may need to replace them every few years or so to have the best experience. The gasket represents the place where the dome meets the base. This makes for an easy fix and you can purchase a kit and have it repaired in no time.

The Instruction Manual is Necessary:

Yes, no one likes to read the instruction manual. But there are many advantages of learning the specifics of your grill and reading the manual is key. Generally, you should not use water to clean your pellet smoker, so keep your hose pipe far away. These smokers have digital controllers, a motorized auger, a fan and an igniter rod for the fire pot. These parts will get destroyed if they come into contact with water. You should gently dry scrub the dirt off these parts, making sure not to disassemble any parts. Cleaning the thermostat will also prove to be essential; otherwise, it may read internal temperatures inaccurately.

Maintaining Exterior Components:

If you are concerned about the shine on its exterior, always use dish soap, warm water, and a scrubbing sponge to clean it. Also, avoid metal brushes or steel wool. Remove stubborn stains by scrubbing using diluted ammonia or vinegar. And you can remove the water spots using unsweetened club soda.

Lubricate your motor and fans for optimal use. This will help your smoker work better and last longer. Note that you should not store your grill for long idle time periods. Doing so can cause the structure to warp and mold to form under the grill cover, which of course can render the entire grill unusable or inefficient.

Wrapping It Up

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Alex Coleman’s family has been farming in the Piedmont region of North Carolina longer than anybody remembers. The area is famous for “Lexington Style” barbeque, which focuses on pork shoulder barbeque served up with a variety of sauces based on ketchup, vinegar, and peppers. But Alex’s daddy taught him so much more than that about grilling and smoking...Read more