Best Gift Ideas for People Who Like to Cook in 2018

A meat thermometer might seem like an unlikely gift, but for someone who loves making BBQs, it can be an indispensable tool to have. The meat thermometer helps measure the internal temperature of the roasted meat, which in turn helps to tell whether it is well cooked. So, it will be one of the favorite gift ideas for people who like to cook. Here are a few ideas to start with that Grills Forever is happy to present.

1. Habor Instant Read Cooking Thermometer

This meat thermometer reads out the temperatures in just five seconds. It has a foldable probe, which makes it easy to store in your apron. The upside of this is the ease of use that comes with the thermometer. The downside is the switch, which might not work well if not properly placed after cleaning. However, the ease of use makes it a perfect gift.

2. Habor Digital Meat Thermometer

This meat thermometer is incredibly simple in design. It has a high precision temperature sensor that gives a readout in five seconds. The upside is the swivel head, which you can easily move around to a position that suits you. The downside is the head can actually break if not handled properly. However, it makes for a great novelty gift for a meat lover.

3. CDN DTQ450X Digital Proaccurate Thermometer

This thermometer is made of stainless steel and can give a temperature reading in about 8 seconds. It features a 10 minute auto off. The upside is that the thermometer gives accurate readings and is easy to clean and store. The downside is getting the thermometer calibrated; it might take a while to get around calibrating it. However, it makes for a great gift if the person receiving it has some knowledge on using CDN thermometers.

4. Rubbermaid Commercial Stainless Steel Pocket Thermometers

This thermometer is about 8 inches long, and can rad temperatures between zero and 220 degree Fahrenheit. It comes with a protective plastic case for storage.  The upside of using this thermometer is the temperatures are easy to read, and it is NSF certified. The downside is the calibration can be a bit tough for someone new to using the thermometer. However, it works very well, making it a must-have for BBQ lovers.

5. Taylor Precision Products

The thermometer features a long stainless steel stem and a reading head. It comes with a plastic sleeve that serves as a recalibration tool and a holder. The upside of having this thermometer is fairly easy to use. The downside is that it takes quite some time to get the reading; yo will have to be patient. However, this makes for a great gift, especially since it has very few negative reviews.

6. Taylor Precision Products Commercial Waterproof Digital Thermometer.

This thermometer features an LCD display that is 4 inches long. It is also safe for washing in the dishwasher, and has an antimicrobial protective casing. The upside of using it is the fast response time. The downside is that the thermometer is actually not to be submerged in water; it is not so water resistant. The readings will get blurry with time. It  makes for a great gift to someone with some knowledge on using cooking thermometers.

7. Fozela Digital Food and Meat Thermometer

Designed much like the Thermoworks Superfast Thermopen, the Fozela digital thermometer gives readings in about 7 seconds. It features a LCD display, making it perfect for use at night. The upside is the ease of use; it does not require much detail in calibration. The downside is actually not easy to find. It thus makes for a great treat for someone who loves camping and making BBQs in the open.

8. Update International Long Dial Frothing Thermometer

This thermometer is very essential especially if you want to measure the frothing temperatures. It is about 6 inches long and is NSF listed. The upside of using it is the thermometer does a great job in giving accurate readings. The downside however is the length of the stem; it may be too short for even a jug. However, this makes for a great gift, not just for frothing but also for roasts.

9. Comark Instruments Waterproof Pocket Thermometer

This thermometer features a plastic material for the readout, and an LCD display. It is 4 inches long and is powered by an LR44 battery. Its temperature range is between -58 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The upside of having it is that it is sturdy, and works well in reading out temperatures. The downside is having to change the batteries after a few weeks. It, however, makes for a great gift for first time BBQ makers.

10. CDN IRL500 InstaRead Thermometer.

This one from CDN features a 12 inch long stem coupled with a dial covered with a durable glass lens. It comes with guides on how to recalibrate the thermometer and read the temperatures.  The upside of having this thermometer is that it works very well for deep fries. The downside is that it may give less than accurate readings for BBQs. It, however, makes for a great kitchen thermometer, hence a nice tool to give as a gift.

11. East smart Precision Elite Thermocouple Thermometer

This thermometer features a plastic material read out, and a stem that can be folded, step down. The upside of having it is that it works great in giving accurate readings. The downside is that you may have to change the batteries every few weeks. It however makes for a great kitchen thermometer that most BBQ makers will find handy.

12. Norpro Instant Read Thermometer.

This thermometer is specifically made for espresso and other drinks that froth. It features a 6 inch long stem and recommended for hand washes. The upside of having this is that it works well for drinks. However, it may not give accurate readings for BBQs, due to its specific make. You can, however, gift it to someone who is still new to BBQs, as a small starting point to taking temperatures.

13. GEEKHOM Instant Read Thermometer

This thermometer is much like the Thermopen thermometer in design. It features a back light LCD display and can read temperatures ranging from -58 degrees Fahrenheit to 572 degree Fahrenheit. The upside of having it is quite multifunction in use, so you can also use it for baking and cooking. The downside is that it may actually take some time before giving you the actual readings, which might be a bane for those who love instant readings. It, however, makes for a great kitchen thermometer.

14. UEi Test Instruments PDT650 Digital Thermometer

This thermometer features a folding temperature probe, which can take readings between -58 degree Fahrenheit to 572 degree Fahrenheit. It also features an auto power off as well as a magnetic mount that is built-in. The upside of having it is versatile; you can use it to check the food temperatures as well as your HVAC system. The downside is that it there is no guaranteed way of calibrating the thermometer. You may thus not be able to get quite right readings. It, however, makes for a great to have not just for the kitchen, but also for your whole home temperature needs.



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