Top 14 Tips for Better Barbecue at Home

Better Barbecue at Home

Planning to host a barbecue party at home? Here are some important tips you can follow during your slow smoking barbecue party. Ensure that all the ingredients are ready so that you do not have to run here and there for these while hosting the party. Follow these simple tips to avoid the common problems experienced by most BBQers for a better barbecue at home.

Measure Temperature at the Grate

Many people place a thermometer at the lid of the smoker to measure the temperature. It is actually a big mistake. You need to use a digital thermometer that comes with dual probe. You should measure the temperature of the cooking chamber at the grate.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

There is no problem if you’re done early. However, it would be a big problem if you do not finish on time. Have you heard of anybody using an oven to finish barbecue? Wrapping in a foil and placing in a  ice chest help in case you finish early. This would ensure that the barbecue remains hot in the ice chest.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

You can barbecue in million ways. You can consider experimenting with several combinations of rubs, spices, marinades, injections, times, temperatures and smoke flavors. When you are planning to try something new, make sure you won’t make several changes at once. Making two or more changes simultaneously will never let you figure out what actually made the improvement. You need to make a note of your experience if you wish to host more BBQ parties in the future for a better barbecue at home

Fix the Rubbery Chicken Skin Problem

You need to prepare a hot coal bed on a grill. Then you need to grill the smoked chicken for five minutes at high heat in order to ensure that the skin is crisp. If the skin is not crisp, your dream of hosting a better barbecue at home would only remain a dream.

Learn What Good BBQ is

There are a lot of people who are not aware of what good brisket, ribs, chicken or pork taste like. You may be good at what you do but how will you ever know if something better exists if you don’t even try? There are many people who think they can cook wonderful briskets while these taste nothing less than shoe leather to an expert. So what can you do to try a great BBQ?

Enter A Contest

You can enter into a BBQ contest and try to meet others who are in the team. They would let you taste whatever they are cooking. You can also consider participating in competitions where you will be able to sample food from various teams participating in the event. You can volunteer to judge in BBQ contests where you will be able to do a lot of tasting. You would also be given training on what to look for in a good BBQ.

Keep Your Lid Shut

“If you are looking, you are not cooking”- this rule applies to BBQ as well. For a great barbecue, you need to maintain consistent temperature. When you open the lid, you would not be able to maintain the temperature. So, you need to open the lid only when it is necessary and not because you are curious to see what is happening.

Do Not Poke Holes in the Meat

Have you ever wondered what happens when you poke a hole in the meat that is in a smoker? You would see the juice is coming out of the meat. You can consider inserting a temperature probe for this reason. You should not poke the meat anymore after it. The meat should never be picked with a fork. You should always use hands or tongs, but ensure that you are wearing gloves before doing so. Before pulling or cutting, the meat needs to be rested properly. If you are not careful, the juice would gush out of the meat and it will get dry soon.

Let Your Meat Adjust to the Room Temperature Before Cooking

If you don’t do this, the end result would be a weird taste. Frozen meat should never be put directly on a smoker without bringing it to the room temperature. You should thaw the meat first and you should not let it sit for too long at the room temperature. This would put you at the risk of contamination because of bacteria.

Use a Water Pan

You can regulate the heat in the smoking chamber using a water pan. This would also ensure a moist environment. For extra flavor, you can consider pouring some beer on the pan.

Buy a Quality Smoker

When it comes to smokers, you always get what you pay for. Using a charcoal grill, you can hope to cook good ribs. However, this can only be done easily with the use of a well-built smoker. For consistent temperature, insulation is the key. This would also ensure good BBQ experience. Thick steel traditional offset smokers have the potential to maintain the heat well and assist you in having a better barbecue at home.

Know Your Smoker

There are cold and hot spots on all smokers. Once a smoker gets heated, the temperature can be checked from various spots on the grate. Meat placement needs to be done accordingly. If chicken is cooked at a higher temperature, it will be much better.

Indirect Heat

Any smoker grill need to be set up to take indirect heat. Many barbecue lovers use Weber charcoal or gas grills. These grills need to be set up appropriately to get indirect heat.

Proper Ventilation

You need to ensure that there is proper ventilation in the firebox. This would not smolder but keep the fire burning appropriately. You also need to check the smoke is not billowing white but a light blue one. You can consider opening the vents on firebox. You need to maintain the heat in the cooking chamber with fire. The smokestack vent has to be kept open. Few smokers come with a bad design where the firebox vents are placed above the fire chamber. Thus the air that comes in has to travel down and again up to the cooking chamber which is not appropriate. You can fix this by drilling a hole on the side of the firebox.

For a better barbecue at home, certain tips have to be followed which can only be learned over time with regular practice. Experimenting offers a whole new experience. You just need to be aware of what to do and how to do it for having some great barbecue experience.

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