Top 10 Electric Smokers (Dec. 2018): Reviews & Buyers Guide

A Short Summary of Our Findings

Before we delve into the detailed buying guide, let’s first have a look at the summary of what we found from our research here at Grills Forever.

We personally love using electric smokers for their affordability and convenience – we’ve actually been using them for over 10 years because of that! Throughout those years, we’ve tested over dozens of electric smokers and we’ve found that a great electric smoker should satisfy a couple of things: temperature control, makeup, sensor and control, cooking capacity, and wood chip compatibility. We found only one product that checked all of those requirements, which is why we think it’s safe to crown the Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Digital Smoker as the best pick.

Our Top Pick deserves its spot for two main reasons: features and affordability. Priced under $250, this 721-square-inch electric smoker was built to give you quality dishes with smoky flavor, all without the hassle of typical smoking. With 4 adjustable cooking racks, you can cook as much as you want, whether that’s a pack of ribs, two turkeys or even twenty-four burgers. Take your cooking convenience to another level; aside from its blue LED display, it comes with digital controls that monitor temperature so that you don’t have to get up from your lounge chair. A true “set it and forget it” electric smoker, the Masterbuilt 20078715 is a bang for your buck.

Our Budget Pick landed its spot because of its surprisingly affordable price, but that’s not the only reason why we fell in love with it. The Masterbuilt 2007117 stands out because of its compact size yet superb performance. This 30-inch electric smoker comes with a convenient wood chip and water pan system which help you get the most tender and flavorful meats. For its price, it comes with a full digital system which lets you set the temperature and allow it to cook for you. This affordable choice is also a great pick for beginners because it’s incredibly easy to use.

Just because it’s a Beginner’s Choice, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have pro-level performance. This electric smoker from Char-Broil actually has a massive cooking area of 725 square inches, and can accommodate all kinds of food with its four adjustable cooking racks. One great feature of this smoker is its wide glass door, which allows you to monitor your cooking progress whenever you like. And, aside from its digital control system, it comes with a remote control which you can use to set and control the temperature at the comfort of your own chair.

With 721 square inches of cooking space and 4 chrome-coated racks, you can keep the food coming for your fun outdoor parties. But what really separates this smoker from the rest is its modern features. Wi-Fi enabled, this electric smoker from Masterbuilt takes electric smoking convenience and ease to a different level. While most electric smokers come with remotes, this one comes with an app designed specifically for this smoker. With it, you can turn your smoker on/off, control the heat, and monitor your cooking. Now, your smartphone is part of your smoking experience!

End of Summary

Top 10 Electric Smokers (Nov. 2018) — Detailed buying guide

We all have our moments: you are sitting on your back porch outside, your eyes closed and your face turned toward the moonlight as you reflect on an issue you had at work earlier that day, or a small argument that you had with a friend. The stress is bearing down on you and you are hoping that a little alone time, a little meditation, will help you clear your mind, put you at ease. You are looking for that happy place in your mind, and that is when the smell of BBQ begins to permeate your senses. It is a strong, but delightful smell.

I’ve been searching for the perfect smoker grill for ages, but didn’t know how. As I delve into the depths of my inner peace one day out in the yard, my concentration is interrupted by the smell of smoke coming from the neighbor’s porch. They were happily grilling with an electric smoker, and that got me craving for one too.

That’s how I figured out two years ago that my happy place was with a smoker grill, and it was then that I made the decision to pool my money together to buy the best electric smoker out there! But, there was just one, rather big problem… Which one should I get? How to find the best of the best electric smoker? You can rest assured that the first people I asked were my neighbors, but I did not want to get the same smoker that my neighbors had. So I asked some other friends and family, and did some research online. It took a while, but I was hell-bent on getting the right smoker and in the end, I did that keeping some important things in my mind.

So, we put Grills Forever up to help you find the best electric smoker so you can get what you deserve, without the hassle of all the research I went through!

Why Should You Trust Us to Get the Best Electric Smoker?

Why Should You Trust Us to Get the Best Electric Smoker?
There comes a point in time in everyone’s internet browsing life when they stumble upon a website that they like, that offers great reviews and information on the products they like, and then they think to themselves: Who is to say that these guys are experts? I mean, just because they say a grill is good, that doesn’t mean that they really know what they are talking about!

And everyone is entitled to doubtful thoughts, but you can squash those when you come to Grills Forever! We pride ourselves on our genuineness.

First off, we, yes, you and I, have a lot in common! We both love using smokers to cook up some of the most tender, succulent, and mouth-watering BBQ around (of course, we will probably clash when it comes to whose BBQ is the best, but that is what a cook-off is for)! And, we too, like many of you, were once novices. But through years of hard work, a lot of eating, and research, we have molded ourselves into what we consider “Genuine Kings of the Grill!” Experimentation has led us to some of our favorite products on the market, and our goal is to help you find your best electric smoker as well, without all the trial and error we went through.

Here at Grills Forever, we are not endorsed by any grilling company; we only promote the best of the best, and give you the nitty-gritty on the worst of the worst. We offer feedback based on our own personal experiences so that you can get the best electric smoker as per your needs.

The other cool thing about us is that we take recommendations, so if you are dying to know how a new smoker works and we have not yet reviewed it here at Grills Forever, drop a line and we will get it done for you!

Who Are Electric Smokers for?

Who Are Electric Smokers for?

Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered smoked meat that, when you bit into it, just seemed to melt in your mouth, so tender and juicy? Well, electric smokers slow-cook meat to make sure that it does not get dried out, but remains succulent and tender with that great BBQ taste we all love.

You could consider an electric smoker if:

You are Looking for an Upgrade:

For those of you who often find your meat black and charred, it might be time to think of an upgrade! After all, charred meat may have some health concerns. With the low prices, ease of use, and large rack sizes, the electric smoker is that upgrade. Just plug the bad boy in, slap your slabs of meat on the rack, set the temperature and start cooking!

You Don’t Have Much Storage Space:

These smokers may be good for people who do not have much space for storage for a large grill and bags of wood or charcoal pellets: they are relatively small smokers and only require the power chord for fuel! If you are living in an apartment, it is tough for you to place a gas, wood pellets or charcoal-fueled smoker in that. For this reason, an electric smoker may be the best option.

You Don’t Want to Spend an Arm and a Leg:

best electric smoker; get the best value for your moneyWhile more expensive than your stereotypical charcoal grills, electric smokers can be comparatively affordable to high-end grills and smokers available in the market. We love electric smokers because the cheaper price does not mean a 100% sacrifice in quality.

To be honest you will not get the richest taste of pork ribs, pulled pork or turkey when preparing it with an electric smoker. The taste is somehow inferior to gas, charcoal or wood fueled smokers. But you will find smoked fish, cheese, steaks and bacon surprisingly awesome when done in an electric smoker. But this opinion does not stand on when you are using a high-end electric smoker.

You Are An Everyday User:

With the large rack sizes, smokers can cook any kind of meat: whether you plan on cooking pork ribs, turkey, beef briskets, or grilled vegetables, the electric smoker will get the job done!

One of the disadvantages of using an electric smoker, however, is that it is very hard to get that traditional smoke ring (that pink layer of meat on the outside), even if you use a couple of charcoals or wood pellets. Now, this is not going to affect the taste of your meat, but nothing screams “Southern BBQ” like a good ol’ smoke ring!

Another consideration is that electric smokers are not typically permitted in BBQ competitions for being too easy! So if you are after an easy to use smoker, pick the electric one without any hesitation.

Which Factors Make the Best Electric Smoker?

Why Should You Trust Us to Get the Best Electric Smoker?Electric smokers are relatively affordable but that doesn’t mean you won’t get quality. But still, making conscious choices are important. When you go for buying a grill or smoker, it indeed becomes difficult to choose from so many products. This is exactly why knowing what to buy beforehand is important. You just have to consider these five features:

That is why you have to know beforehand what you are looking for. Purchasing power means knowledge, so the next time you are looking to buy a smoker, look for these five features:

Temperature Adjustment

best electric smoker; temperature control- a latest addition to smokers worth tryingThe best electric smokers come with features that can be used for temperature control, such as rheostat. If you want to buy electric smokers, you definitely need to consider this feature. Rheostats may have digital display or come as a knob version. Both forms can help you adjust the smoker’s internal temperature.

Installed Caveats

The caveats are the small ventilation systems in the combustion chamber of your smoker which allows for the release of heat and smoke. This is important to help maintain a stable smoker internal temperature, ensuring that your meats will not burn or char. Consequently, you will be left with a juicier, more tender after-product.

Heat Structure

When you want a new electric smoker, make sure you know how the heat flows within the smoker while your meat is cooking. I would not say that there is a particular heat structure that is better than another, but you should be aware so you know how to arrange your meats on the rack. More heat sources (such as convection at the smoker bottom and the sides) can mean shorter cooking times, but it may also mean overcooked meat. So make an informed decision!

Layer Structure

Here, the layer structure equates to the shape and racks setup in the smoker. As you browse the market, you will see that some smokers are more vertical, and some are horizontal. Also, some smokers have stainless steel racks or racks that are chrome-plated.

We have found that the orientation of the racks, whether more vertical or horizontal, does not make much of a difference. It mostly depends on shape of the meats you will be cooking. For example, if you are going to be cooking pork ribs, you may want to buy a horizontal smoker. But you will not get an offset electric smoker in the market. The best possible solution is to buy a smoker with a large cooking space.

Also, the material of the racks is not as important, but ensuring the racks are hollow and straight is important: the hollow racks retain heat better, giving you those nice grill marks.

Addition of Woodchips or Charcoal

When you are buying an electric smoker, you also want to make sure that it includes a tray where you can burn some wood chips or coal as well. This may seem counter-intuitive, but being able to use charcoal or wood pellets will help you get a smokier, more traditional BBQ taste, and can also help with that smoke ring!

If you are really going to buy a smoker, I think you need to ask some questions to yourself.

How We Picked And Tested

How We Picked And TestedHand-picked! To us, there is no other way.

If you could not tell by now, we are very passionate about what we do, and what we do is we grill! Our reviews are based first on our experiences cooking with the smokers: tasting the quality of the food, testing the durability of the smokers, and exploiting the features.

We not only looked at online reviews, we also took the liberty to talk to BBQ experts and people who love to smoke and grill. We are also grilling maniacs, so nothing makes us more excited than testing new smokers.

And trust me when I say, we go to just about any lengths to get our job done right. Just last week my friends and I took a camping trip up in the mountains and we were planning on trekking a few miles to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, so we ended up having to take my pickup truck with a portable generator for night camping.

Well, with all the gear we had, all four of us could not fit in the truck and I ended up having to sit in the bed of the pickup, since I was also the one that insisted that we take my friend’s Masterbuilt electric smoker. It’s funny because I guess my friend did not see one of the speed bumps as we were driving up the mountains, so he hit it at about 35mph and everything in the bed of the truck jumped: the grill almost flew out the truck. I literally had to catch it from crashing on the ground, and almost flew out the truck myself!

The point is we have fun with what we do, and what we do is gain these first-hand experiences so that when you plan to buy a smoker, you know the superior from the mediocre. We do not have an endorsement, nor are we sponsored by any brand, so you can rest assured that our reviews are legitimate: from one griller to another.

Our Top Ten Product List

After long hours of testing and researching, we’ve finally come up with one real deal Top Ten Product List for electric smokers. We looked at over 30 features that a great electric smoker could ever have, including temperature control and clean-out convenience. Aside from our own observations, these features were derived from the information in each product’s manual or specification sheet. We made sure that all of these features were ones any electric smoker user would want to have.

In addition, we also considered the price of each product. We want you to get what you paid for — or more! We know how much you value each dollar, so we’ve made sure that the products we chose are the bang for the buck.

To determine true user satisfaction, we looked at the review ratings of each product on our list. This helped us create an accurate and honest review for the best electric smoker of 2018. To make it easier for you, we’re giving you access to our research report. All you need to do is follow us on our social media channels!

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Top Pick: Masterbuilt 20077515 30-Inch Electric Smoker

Top Pick

Masterbuilt 20077515

Check It on Amazon
Best Among the Rest

Masterbuilt 20077515 30-Inch Electric Smoker

Want five-star restaurant quality smoked meats in no time? Look no further. Turn your home into the next best smokehouse in town.

Why we chose this as our Top Pick?

Let me tell you, when we tested this electric smoker along with other Masterbuilt electric smokers, we were sure it would make it to our Top Pick. But before we jump into the review, let me tell you why we chose this as our ultimate favorite electric smoker:

  • After looking at 30 features for each product, this product earned the most number of positive features according to our research. It has twenty-one positive features, including some of the very convenient ones like digital controls, the grease management system, a built-in meat thermometer, a wood chip loading system, an LED display that can be read even out in the sun, and more. So, we can safely say that it’s the most conveniently versatile product in the best electric smoker category.
  • Most electric smokers range from $100 to around $600, but this smoker, despite its awesome features, came only at below $250. With a price like that, together with its features, it was difficult for us not to consider this as the top pick in our list.
  • We reviewed user ratings along with online reviews and found that it received 10 reviews in just 5 days, 10 reviews 5 days earlier than that, and the earlier 5 reviews within 7 days. With such a fast review rate, it just shows how many people are using and loving it.
  • Masterbuilt 20078715 has a convenient and compact size with remote-control functions. Since it’s so easy to handle, it can be great for both experts and beginners.

Detailed Review

electric smoker

Build Quality

Our Top Pick comes with a massive 721 square inches of cooking space, which is more than what most electric smokers have to offer. This makes it perfect for large barbecue parties with friends and family. Cook as much as you want with its 4 adjustable chrome-coated racks — to give you an idea, this electric smoker from Masterbuilt can cook twelve whole chickens, two whole turkeys, twenty-four burgers, or four huge packs of ribs! It also comes with a wood chip loading system on the side so you don’t have to open the doors and lose precious heat when you refill it with hickory chips. The Masterbuilt features a drip deflector, front-access drip pan, and inside insulation to preserve the heat inside, making your meats tender and smoky.

It also comes in a 40-inch version with a massive viewing window, and we’re not even exaggerating about its size. With a cooking area of 975 square inches. It’s actually the largest electric smoker in this review. With four adjustable cooking racks, this product can easily cook as much as twelve whole chickens in one go.

Sensor and Control

With a top-mounted digital control panel, monitoring and maintaining the temperature is as easy. Its temperature control feature only asks you to set the time, temperature, and you’re good to go. You can monitor your cooking remotely from the comfort of your lounge chair.

Ease of Use

We found setting this smoker up to be pretty easy. All we had to do was follow the instructions and assemble a few items from the box, including the handles and the feet. Its wheels give the unit added mobility, which is useful if you want a portable smoker. It also comes with a pan that collects all of the drippings to make the clean-up process a breeze. Our clean-up time was significantly reduced because of its convenient cleanout features. To clean the inside of the smoker, we just mixed hot water and apple cider vinegar, and voila! We had a smoker that looked brand new!


This product features a digital control system together with a blue LED display which can easily be viewed under daylight. No need for manual temperature reading with this unit — its internal thermometer reads the temperature for you and instantly displays it on the control panel.

Other Features

This product comes with a warranty of 90 days, which is useful especially if you notice that your unit is experiencing some issues with its build or its material. Users who’d like to purchase this product but want additional features may opt to buy its other versions. Like we said, it comes in a 40-inch version that’s slightly more expensive by forty dollars. Users may also prefer to buy the windowless smoker, but we would personally get the one with a window. Having a window lets you monitor your cooking much easier. In addition, this electric smoker comes in three color variations: black, stainless and stainless steel. Whatever look you’re going for, you can find it with this brand.

Price factor

With a price tag below $250, this electric smoker is priced quite lower than most advanced smokers in its category. Despite being averagely priced, it offers more than you could ever imagine and is an investment you do not want to miss.


  • Affordable for its many features
  • Easy digital controls with LED display
  • Adjustable chrome-coated racks
  • Massive 730-square inch cooking area
  • Warranty


  • Windows need to be cleaned after use because it can get steamy quite fast


This electric smoker takes the lead in its category. While its competitors boast similar features, this smoker still reigns because of its affordable price. With a massive cooking area, this is an investment that you need for all of your outdoor smoking needs. Smoke all you want!

Budget Pick: Masterbuilt 20071117 30″ Digital Electric Smoker

Budget Pick

Masterbuilt 20071117

Check It on Amazon
Amazingly Affordable Smoker

Masterbuilt 20071117 30

For intimate gatherings, this affordable electric smoker can do the job flawlessly for you. You’ll get smoky flavor every time!

Why we chose this as our Budget Pick?

Our budget pick earned the highest rating of 4.4 as well as an impressive number of positive reviews from the community. This is because of its 16 positive features, including a digital control and a large cooking space. For most affordable picks, it’s uncommon to find such great features at a low price. But at only below 180 dollars, the Masterbuilt 20071117 stands out as our budget pick.

This unit is a popular choice among homeowners because of its convenient features including lightweight, compact dimensions, sturdy build, and affordability. However, it lacks in terms of mobility — it does not include wheels but makes up for this with its weight of only 34 pounds. Both beginners and pros will enjoy using this product because it takes away the usual hassle that comes with electric smokers. It doesn’t even use charcoal or propane anymore! It’s a plug-and-cook unit that many users have praised for a long time.

Detailed Review

electric smoker 2

Build Quality

This 30-inch electric smoker is one of Amazon’s most popular choices as rated and reviewed by users. With four chrome-coated smoking racks that are easily adjustable, you can cook as much as six whole chickens or eight packs of ribs! It also comes with a wood chip tray that gives convenience for when you have to replenish your supply without opening the door, making your foods always smoky and tasty. Its interiors are fully insulated, meaning you get the perfect amount of heat for whatever foods you are cooking. It’s the kind of electric smoker that you can just plug in, set, and use!

Sensor and Control

Monitoring is made easy with the Masterbuild 20071117 Digital Electric Smoker. This product features a digital control panel which you can quickly set up to achieve your desired temperature. Monitor the temperature through the blue LED display that can be easily read even under direct sunlight. This electric smoker can be set to up to 275 degrees F.

Ease of use

It may be affordable, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to use. Users, as well as our team, have had no problem setting this up. It came out of the box and had instructions, making assembly and set-up a breeze. Additionally, this product is a real set-it-and-forget-it kind of smoker. Cleanup is also less of a hassle — all you need to do is empty out the water pan after using.


This electric smoker comes with a blue LED display for easy reading of temperature even under daylight.

Other features

Although users have reported no bad experiences with this electric smoker’s build and quality, it comes with a one-year warranty. You could also buy the version with smoking chips so that you can smoke immediately after setting this up for the first time.

Other features

At under $180, this electric smoker is a pretty affordable choice. It still offers everything you would need from an electric smoker, and its performance is quite above average, so you actually get more than what it is actually worth.


  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Fully-insulated interior
  • Easy cleanout system
  • One-year warranty


  • Temperature range not that high
  • Not big enough for large gatherings


If you’re looking for an electric smoker that is within your budget, then you’ve found the right one. It’s affordable, well-built, and delivers succulent cooking all times. Bear in mind though that this isn’t a large-capacity smoker, so it might not be the best for parties.

Beginner’s Pick: Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker

Beginner's Choice

Char-Broil Deluxe

Check It on Amazon
Do It Like the Pros

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker

Even beginners can have fun learning the basics of smoking foods! Easy to use, affordable and advanced. Best smoker for novices!

Why We Chose This as Our Beginner’s Pick?

The Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker is perfect for first-time users of electric smokers. We highly recommend this for people who are just jumping into the electric smoker party. At a reasonable price range, this smoker comes with several great features such as an LED display and remote controls. In fact, its number of features matches up with the other products in this review. For something so easy and affordable, this product deserves its spot on our Top Picks list.

If it’s so great, then why isn’t it our Top Pick? Despite its great features, it just couldn’t match up with some of the items because of its review rating. We take user reviews pretty seriously at Grills Forever because we know that the best judge of a product’s performance is its users.

Despite that, we still think this is the choice of an electric smoker for beginners. They won’t have to spend too much time trying to figure out and put this thing together. It’s already factory assembled, which takes away a lot of hassle — even pro chefs will appreciate not having to waste time setting it up. Cook all you want, whether it’s beef, pork, vegetables, or even a whole turkey!

Detailed Review

electric smoker 3

Build Quality

With an impressive cooking area of 725 square inches, our Beginner’s Pick is something that will make even the beginners feel like long-time cooks! With an insulated, double-wall construction, you are assured that your temperature is always kept constant, making sure that you get thoroughly-cooked meats and vegetables each time. It has four adjustable cooking racks that can accommodate a variety of meats. The smoker itself comes with a removable food thermometer which you don’t have to use. One of the great features about this product is its control panel which easily reads out the internal temperature. In addition, its stainless steel build features a locking latch to make sure your foods are locked in and sealed tight. It also has a large-capacity smoke box that you can leave to run on its own for up to seven hours.

Sensor and Control

The electric smoker comes with a temperature gauge which allows you to easily monitor the heat and make the necessary adjustments through the advanced digital control system.

Ease of use

This product comes with wheels and integrates handles for mobility. Additionally, it has an 8.5-cup grease tray which makes cleaning hassle-free. For added accessibility, it features an easy-to-refill, porcelain-coated water pan. The Deluxe Char-Broil also comes with a remote control so you can adjust the temperature from your chair.


It has a blue LED light display which is readable even under direct daylight.

Other features

The Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker features a wide glass door that enables you to view your cooking without opening the door, ensuring that heat is kept inside. In addition, the product comes with a warranty that is valid for one year after purchase.

Price factor

A little below $190, this product is appropriately priced. It does come with several modern features which you’d find in even the most high-end products. It isn’t the cheapest on our list, but it’s definitely a worthy investment. If you’re a beginner, you need to use only the most trustworthy products and this is one of them.


  • Digital control system
  • Affordable
  • One-year warranty
  • Easy cleanout with its water pan
  • Removable and adjustable racks


  • Needs to be covered or it will get damaged quite easily


Beginners will have no trouble using this product. Although it lacks some modern features, it does the job, but if you’re just starting out, it’s probably best to just stick with the basic functions first. This is perfect if you’re just starting to learn how to smoke foods.

Advanced Pick: Masterbuilt 20072115 Electric Smoker

Advanced Pick

Masterbuilt 20072115

Check It on Amazon
Smoking Through Your Smart Phone

Masterbuilt 20072115 Electric Smoker

Ever wondered if a smartphone could help you smoke your food? Well, now you have the answer! Say hello to convenience!

Why We Chose This as Our Advanced Pick?

It was a tough call. The Masterbuilt 20072115 Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker surpassed our Beginner’s Pick by an only narrow margin. It had twenty-one great features, which is more than the nineteen positive features of the previous pick, but part of what made us decide to rank it lower was its price. In the $300 range, this unit is a lot more expensive, which to some people may be a problem. Regardless, lots of people have favored this product, including smoking enthusiasts and beginner cooks. It gained an average rating frequency of 4.1 from over 278 user reviews. With such a high review frequency, it just shows that this product is one “fan favorite” despite its price.

As mentioned, it has an impressive number of positive features. But, what makes it truly stand out is its Bluetooth connectivity which is useful for its remote control feature. This heightens the “set it and forget it” feature because you can monitor your device from your lounge chair. In addition, it features a smart device notification sending system with LED lights, which is a good enough reason to bring it to our Advanced Pick category.

This product is perfect for anyone who loves using high-tech products that have all the latest features. We recommend this to users who have a bit more experience using smokers because it can be a bit overwhelming for first-time users. But, experienced users will have a great time maximizing this great product’s efficiency, convenience, and technology.

Detailed Review

electric smoker 4

Build Quality

This product features a large cooking space of 721 square inches. It has four chrome-coated racks which you can adjust and remove at your convenience. With a steel build, it comes with a control panel on the front, as well as some space on the top so you can cook and prepare at the same place. In addition, it features a removable drip pan and tray for wood chips which are all accessible in a way that doesn’t interfere with the cooking process. Its adjustable door locks in heat, ensuring that your foods are cooked to perfection.

Sensor and Control

What truly makes this our Advanced Pick is its Bluetooth connectivity. It’s not often that you find electric smokers that you can control from your own mobile device. With the Masterbuilt 20072115, you can turn on/off, control the temperature as well as monitor your cooking from your smartphone. Additionally, it has blue LED digital controls that can be viewed ever under the sun. The digital panel on the product itself allows you to set the time, temperature and light.

Ease of use

Our team, as well as other users, had no trouble setting this unit up. Its box comes with an instruction manual that’s easy to follow, even for beginners. Also, clean up is made more quick and convenient — it comes with a front access grease pan that you can easily slide out and empty before your next smoking session.


A blue LED digital display makes reading the temperature and other settings easy even under bright sunlight. If users want more convenience, they can always choose to control and monitor everything through their phones.

Other features

For those who want a bigger unit, they can choose to buy this product’s 40-inch version which comes at a slightly higher price. In addition, users can purchase the Masterbuilt 20072115 Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker with a cover and a grilling set if they want additional accessories.

Price factor

This is the most expensive product on our list, but only rightfully so. It’s actually surprising that this product only cost that much. Typically, products with these features would cost more. At under $300, you get high-tech features, especially Bluetooth connectivity which instantly elevate the electric smoking experience.


  • Bluetooth connectivity – control from your phone
  • Blue LED digital display
  • 4 chrome-coated racks
  • Large cooking space with prep area


  • Expensive
  • Not portable


For an advanced electric smoking experience, this is the ultimate pick. It may be expensive, but if you get excellent performance, convenience, and great tasting food each time, then it’s worth the splurge.

6 Other Electric Smokers We Found Good

Home Cook’s Choice

Masterbuilt 20070210 30-Inch Black Electric Analog Smoker

Check It on Amazon
Homestyle Cooking Made Conveniently

Masterbuilt 20070210 30-Inch Black Electric Analog Smoker

For the easiest and most convenient cooking, home chefs will fall in love with this product from Masterbuilt. It has a large cooking space enough for the entire family.

Build Quality

This Masterbuilt smoker has a fairly generous smoking area of 428 square inches for cooking space, which is perfect for large gatherings. It has three racks that come in handy when slow smoking. With dual-wall insulation, heat is kept and maintained throughout the cooking process. The front-loading wood pellet tray makes it easy to replenish the wood chips without losing any heat. This electric smoker does not come with wheels for portability, but it does weight only fifty pounds, which isn’t too heavy as compared to other units. Additionally, it comes with a drip pan and tray for wood chips, which add smokiness and tenderness to your cooking.

Sensor and Control

This product uses a thermometer to make sure that you maintain your desired temperature at all times, avoiding overcooking of meat and vegetables. In addition, it has a temperature gauge at the front of the door for convenient viewing. The Masterbuilt 30-Inch Analog Smoker can reach temperature ranges of 100 degrees F – 400 degrees F.

electric smoker 5

Ease of use

The removable drip pan makes cleanup extremely easy. You can simply slide it out and empty it, ready for the next use. The product comes with an instruction manual that makes it very easy to set-up without the help of a professional. Many users have said that they had no problem using it for the first time.

Other features

For users that want additional accessories with their purchase, they can opt to buy the version that comes with a 30-inch electric smoker cover and a pack of hickory BBQ smoking chips. It’s slightly more expensive at around 20 dollars more, but the cover helps protect the unit from external elements. For its warranty, the product comes with a 90-day warranty that covers factory and material defects.

Price factor

Being priced below $190, this product is relatively cheaper compared to the rest of the products on our list.


  • Affordable
  • Built-in temperature control
  • High temperature range (100 degrees F to 400 degrees F)
  • Large cooking space


  • Does not come with wheels for portability
  • No digital display
  • Lacks set-it-and-forget-it feature


At a relatively cheap price, you can already get your hands on an electric smoker that does its job. While it doesn’t have extra features that make the cooking experience a lot more convenient and enjoyable, it’s a good choice if you just want an efficient smoker for basic, homestyle cooking.

Sturdy Smoker

Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker

Check It on Amazon
Well-Built Wonder

Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker

If you’re worried about your smoker getting damaged, with this one, you’ll say goodbye to that idea. This is one durable smoker.

Build Quality

This 505-square inch electric smoker maintains your temperature and lets you cook large amounts of food at once — it can even fit a 20-pound turkey. It has three adjustable cast iron cooking grates just in case you’re cooking foods of various sizes. With insulated and double-walled interior construction, you can be assured that the ideal temperature is maintained throughout the cooking process. It also comes with trays for your wood chips and a pan for your water, which both make your foods succulent, tender and smoky. For your safety, its manufacturers have added a chrome-plated handle so you won’t have to wear a glove for cooking all the time!

Sensor and Control

While this unit does not come with a high-tech display, it does come with a temperature gauge embedded into the lid. Its internal temperature control makes reading the temperature easy. The electric smoker comes with 1,500 Watt heating element that is used to heat your wood chips.

electric smoker 6

Ease of use

The Char-Broil smoker was easy to set up; all we did was follow the instructions that came with the box. In addition, we had no problem cleaning it up after using it several times. The product comes with a grease cup and porcelain ash pan, which speed up the cleaning process, so you won’t make any mess as you empty it out for the next use.

Other features

For users who want the additional smoker cover, they can purchase the set, which is a bit more expensive, but well worth the higher price because it means protecting your smoker from rain and dirt. It also comes with a warranty that is valid for one year.

Price factor

At 136 dollars, this electric smoker leans toward the cheaper end of our electric smokers list. It’s a lot cheaper compared to other units, even if it offers similar features.


  • Easy ash cleanout system
  • Affordable
  • Durable steel construction
  • Generous cooking area of 505 square inches


  • Does not have wheels for portability
  • No digital display and controls
  • No convenient wood chip refill system


You might be wondering why this product is listed seventh even when it offers great features at a of the products have, it lacks in terms of convenience, technology, and portability.

Camper’s Choice

Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker

Check It on Amazon
Easy to carry road-trip buddy

Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker

For tailgating and road tripping, this is the ideal choice. Throw it in your trunk and have an instant barbecue session.

Build Quality

This 1400-Watt Masterbuilt Portable Electric Smoker can accommodate one whole turkey and you can even cook a couple of hamburgers with it. Lightweight at 21 pounds, this small electric smoker is ideally built for outdoor activities such as camping and tailgating. Its build is fuss-free and solid, which makes sure it endures numerous outdoor conditions such as wetness and humidity. The racks can be removed at your convenience so that you can cook more food. In addition, its door has a very tight seal which locks in heat and makes sure your foods are cooked thoroughly and consistently.

electric smoker 7

Ease of use

Compared to our other products which have digital controls, this is the kind of electric smoker which you have to set manually in order to reach the desired temperature. Setting it up even in outdoor conditions is fairly easy. It’s very portable, as well, since it comes with folding legs which are useful when transporting the smoker.


This product does not come with a digital display, however, it does feature a conveniently placed temperature gauge, which means you can monitor the heat consistently.

Price factor

At under $80, this is one cheap electric smoker. Keep in mind, though, that it’s priced low for a reason — it’s a portable pick, which means you just get the basics. Still, for a portable option, it’s durable, well-powered and well worth its price.


  • Affordable
  • Portable (with folding legs)
  • Multiple cooking settings
  • Easy cleanout system


  • Small, not ideal for large groups
  • No warranty


For campers and people who like going on outdoor adventures, this should be the go-to product for them. Affordable and portable, you’ll have no trouble using this wherever you are.

Basic Electric Smoker

Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker

Check It on Amazon
Reliable smoker for everyday cookin

Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker

This electric smoker does its job of smoking your foods for your regular meals. It locks in heat like a pro. Easy cleanup too!

Build Quality

The 30-inch electric smoker comes with four cooking racks that can easily accommodate a turkey and around two whole chickens. The cooking grids can be adjusted and removed to accommodate larger meats. In addition, it features a strong magnetic door that latches in and locks in the heat, making sure that your foods are cooked thoroughly. It also comes with a painted steel wood chip box as well as a water pan that can be easily emptied.

Ease of use

Many users have reported that they found difficulty in setting the temperature. Although the product does come with a temperature control panel that lets you choose from multiple temperature settings, trying to reach the ideal temperature takes quite a bit of time. However, when the temperature is finally reached, the product can maintain it easily. It just lacks that “set it and forget it” feature because you’ll need to babysit it during the first few minutes.
electric smoker 8


This product doesn’t come with a digital LED display, but it does have a temperature gauge embedded into the door for easy reading.

Other features

This product comes with side handles on both sides for portability. The product does not state that it has a warranty, but a warranty can be requested through a customer service representative.

Price factor

For something with a price around $160, this is an electric smoker that’s good for basic use. There’s a reason why we ranked it lower than the rest, and it’s mostly because of the price. However, it’s worth mentioning that Smoke Hollow products are usually priced reasonably, which we noticed when we reviewed grilling units from this popular brand. For a similar price range, you can get better smokers that have more impressive features. Still, its price is affordable and it does feature everything you would need for basic, everyday cooking.


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable and removable racks
  • Multiple temperature settings
  • Solid, lock-in door


  • Does not have a digital display
  • Difficult to set up and maintain the temperature


For basic, home-style cooking, this product may serve you well. However, for its price, you should know that you can get better features with other products. Still, if you just want something that can smoke your meats and vegetables decently, then it’s a worthy purchase.

Consistent Cooking

Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker

Check It on Amazon
165-Degree Easy Smoking

Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker

Your everyday electronic smoker, this keeps your temperature consistent. Good for homes and beginners for low-capacity smoking.

Build Quality

This 450-Watt electric smoker lets you smoke as much as 50 pounds of meat or fish without having to use any burning material — it relies on a powerful heating element that can reach levels of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Durably built using embossed aluminum, this electric smoker comes with multiple easy-slide grills that are chrome-coated. In addition, it features a flavor fuel pan at the bottom, as well as a drip pan.

Sensor and Control

This self-contained electric smoke relies on a non-adjustable heating element that can reach 165 degrees. It doesn’t have digital controls for temperature variation, which means it will heat your foods at a constant temperature of around 160 to 165 degrees.

electric smoker 9

Ease of use

This electric smoker comes assembled, which is a major bonus. It’s perfect for low-capacity home usage and is good as a “first electric smoker” for beginners. Users reported that they had no problem with the temperature maintaining itself, and only complained that it had a hard time reaching 165 degrees while in cold environments.

Other features

If the Little Chief is too little for your liking, you can choose to buy the Big Chief, which has more easy-slide grills, but with the same features.

Price factor

One of the cheapest items in our review list, this product is priced cheaply at under $99, which is almost half the price of most items on our list. For its low price, it delivers in terms of usability, build and functionality.


  • Cheap price
  • Easy-slide grill racks
  • Durable build (aluminum)


  • Small capacity
  • No digital controls
  • Takes time to reach the highest temperature


Although maintaining and setting the temperature is one of the main downfalls of this product, it’s still a handy electric smoker that can cook several foods like steak, trout, salmon, and turkey. It’s a reasonable choice for beginners, as well.


Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker

Check it on Amazon
Smart Cooking with your Smartphone

Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker

Cook steak, ribs and whatever you desire through an app. Monitor temperature and more from your phone! Very high-tech!

Build Quality

With 725 square inches of cooking space, this Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker is big enough to cook for large backyard barbecue parties. It comes with four cooking racks that can be adjusted and removed according to your need. Its interior is fully insulated and double-walled, ensuring that heat is sealed, even more so with its stainless steel latch that ensures a smoke-tight seal. Additionally, it comes with an 8.5-cup capacity smokers box that can run for four to seven hours of smoking. A large glass door offers convenient viewing so you can check on its progress from time to time.

Sensor and Control

The great thing about this electric smoker is its digital features that are linked to a SmartChef App. With the app, you can check on its temperature, cooking progress, and so much more so that you can make sure that your cooking is always perfect. It uses internal meat probes that monitor the temperature in real time.

Do note that the SmartChef App works only with iPhone models 4s and up which use iOS 8 and up. The app is compatible with Android phones that run on the KitKat operating system and newer.
electric smoker 10

Ease of use

Setting up the Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker is as easy as setting up most top electric smokers in the market. We had no problem using it for the first time — we simply plugged it in and warmed it up. We found that the SmartChef App provided valuable assistance during the smoking process. With the app, it was easy to set up the meal and how we wanted the settings to be. This electric smoker also automatically turns off when the cooking is finished.

Other features

The SmartChef App not only gives you instructions on how to set up your cooking and notifies you when your cooking is finished. It also offers plenty of smoking recipes which we found useful whenever we wanted to try something new. But, if you prefer using an electric smoker that doesn’t need help from an app, you could always buy the basic Digital Electric Smoker without the SmartChef technology at a cheaper price.

Price factor

This certainly isn’t the most affordable unit on our list. At under $170, it offers pretty convenient smoking features primarily from the SmartChef app integration. But, for its performance, you can find a cheaper alternative that offers the same results.


  • Insulated and double-walled
  • SmartChef App
  • Large cooking area (725 square inches)
  • Can smoke up to 7 hours


  • Connectivity isn’t reliable
  • Expensive for its features


We ranked this last because although it offered high-tech Wi-Fi features, that was the only feature that made it “stand out”. For its price, you can get a better electric smoker that has higher user ratings. The app makes it look expensive, but its performance is actually just average.

Honorable Mentions:

This SmokinTex smoker once managed to make it to the Runners Up spot in our list. But over time, due to the advent of newer models and technologies, it had to be replaced by the newer generation of smokers. Surely, that was not enough to put this boy down.

SmokinTex 1100 Pro is a lightweight smoker with a sturdy build. Made with stainless steel, this product won’t see any signs of rusting or decay. Weighing in at around 50 lbs, it’s light and easy to move. Even then, it comes with optional wheels to improve mobility even further. Despite the seemingly low weight, it has a cooking capacity of a whopping 23 lbs, distributed over 2 to 3 cooking racks.

The 1100 Pro model has an insulated body, helping the smoke vault to retain heat even better than before. When talking about convenience and ease of use, its grilling racks are dishwasher compatible, making it easy to clean after use. The smoker needs no assembly and can be used right away after purchase. It comes with a lifetime service warranty that will let you continue smoking for years.

Using a thermostat for temperature control, the SmokinTex 1100 can cook evenly at any given temperature within its range to provide a smooth grilling experience. This well-regulated heat, combined with its insulated body and a no-draft, closed system cooking environment will give your food the maximum flavor possible.

But just like any other product, this SmokinTex smoker comes with its own set of cons. For example, this model does not have a front window or any remote control capabilities. It does not support Wi-Fi, which is one of the key reasons why we had to write an updated review – Out with the old and in with the new. With all things considered, this product has been left out from our updated review. However, it’s still a worthy product, making its way into our honorable mentions.

Old Smokey is one of the oldest manufacturers in the industry; established in 1953, with an extensive history of producing some of the best electric smokers on the market. So, it’s a no-brainer that this brand had once made it into our list of the best electric smokers. But with time, Old Smokey became an “old smoker” in terms of available features and it had to be replaced by more modern, updated models.

Even so, the Old Smokey Electric Smoker is a reliable smoker that delivers a consistent, quality BBQ experience. It is entirely made of aluminized steel to support its 1250W of heating power. The Old Smokey was also designed with a tight-fitting lid to ensure that no heat is lost, so the cooking time is reduced and the flavor of the wood chips is well-infused with the meat.

Also, to ensure that the users maintain the perfect temperature when cooking their meats, the smoker has a thermostatic controller that lets you monitor the internal heat. But there is no digital temperature control in this smoker. In order to adjust the temperature, the user must dial the knob (the settings range from “Off” to “High”). Heating is distributed evenly throughout the grill, and the tight seal ensures that your meats are cooked evenly with the best possible flavor.

The Old Smokey Electric Smoker is ideal for those who like to use scented wood chips: it features a chip tray above the heating element where you can add your wood chips for the desired flavor. It also has an upper and lower grill, the diameters measuring 14.5 inches and 12.5 inches respectively. Both grills are equipped with handles, making inserting and removing them a simple and easy task. Both of the cooking grills on this smoker provide a large work area enough to cook almost any meal with ease, and the smoker does come with additional racks for further food storage.

Overall, this smoker is not only easy to use, but it has been designed to be highly convenient and portable with a total weight of just 23 pounds. Old Smokey made this smoker with simple plug and chug functionality: you just plug in the smoker to an outlet and let her rip!

Unfortunately, this product comes with a big disadvantage – its body isn’t well insulated. So, while using this smoker, not only does it lose most of its heat to the surroundings but also becomes hot to touch, causing safety issues. On this newer list, we don’t have products with such distinguishing disadvantages and thus it had to be removed from the Top 10 list.

We once chose the Smokin-It Model Smoker as the best electric smoker for beginners because it offered a simple and sleek design with high portability, great insulation, and other important features – all for a competitive price. The simplicity of this product’s design hasn’t changed, but the needs of the grillers have. With so many great products on the market, like those from George Foreman, our updated product review just didn’t have a spot for a beginner’s pick.

Smokin-It has a reputation for building some of the best BBQ smokers on the market, and the Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker really lives up to the expectations of the meat-loving community.

The Smokin-It Model #1 is very light when it comes to electric smokers, weighing only 58.8 lbs, and is also equipped with 4 heavy-duty casters. It is functional with a 12-foot power cord with installable electric power cord hangers that are made of stainless steel and side handles. This makes the grill very easy to move and perfect for a camping trip!

This smoker also offers one of the best warranties available: The entire unit is backed by a long 3-year warranty, valid for workmanship and parts. But since it has a great build quality and features a design that should ensure maximum durability and long life, whether indoors or outdoors, you probably would never have to ask for that.

This electric smoker comes with 3 stainless steel grilling racks, each with a 12” x 13” rack size. It can also accommodate an additional 4th rack, but this should be purchased separately if desired. With its large cooking area, the Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker can hold over 21 pounds of meat or seafood at one go.

The smoker is powered with a 400W heating element and the rheostat (with a temperature range from 100 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit) allows the users to easily monitor and control the temperature of the meats they are cooking. The fiberglass insulation on the inside of the smoker makes the process of cooking quicker and reduces the amount of energy or heat that the smoker will need to generate.

With that being said, this product still remains the best choice for beginners. Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep this product in our list this time around, so we opted for honoring it in this section instead.

Another smoker that we tried out was the Cookshack SM009-2 Smokette Electric Smoker. While it did produce some great quality BBQ, it was not ranked on our list because it was a little pricey, clocking in at about $700. Still, this smoker offers some great features with an awesome performance.

The Cookshack SM009-2 Smokette Electric Smoker features double-walled steel interior and exterior layers that make a noticeable difference in the grilling experience. The interior layers ensure heat and moisture do not escape, creating juicier BBQ. Its exterior layers are also important because they make sure the smoker is not hot to the touch.

Its steel interior and exterior layers also help produce a very consistent, high-quality BBQ experience. Because heat and humidity cannot escape the smoker cabinet, you will get a thoroughly and evenly-cooked meal every time.

The Cookshack SM009-2 Smokette Electric Smoker also features one of the longest power cords on the market, measuring at approximately 63”. This just makes smoking meat outside that much more convenient and adds to the portability of the smoker.

With four lockable casters, this grill is easy to manipulate and move. The long power cord also makes this smoker very convenient, so you can put it almost anywhere you want. While it does weigh 74 lbs., the lockable casters make the grill easy to move, and the double-walled steel exterior layers make it possible to move while cooking if need be!

The aluminum drip pan featured with this smoker makes clean-up the process easy. When you are done with cooking, you simply remove the aluminum drip pan and clean it. Another important feature is the temperature control: while it does not offer a digital display, the Cookshack SM009-2 Smokette does have a temperature control dial to manage the smoker’s internal temperature. With the internal steel double-walling, you can rest assured its temperature reading is accurate.

Regardless of having such great features, the Cookshack SM009-2 comes with some big cons. It has a very small cooking area and a price tag of around $700 makes it have the worst price-to-cooking area ratio. Even then, it was difficult to overlook its great features, and thus it became our Honorable Mention.

Other Notable Products

Masterbuilt 20077615 Digital Electric Smoker:

The Masterbuilt 20077615 Digital Electric Smoker is a great smoker if you’re looking to upgrade your current one within an affordable price range. It offers a lot of great features for a very competitive price. Masterbuilt has made some major improvements with this model as compared to their previous smokers.

Masterbuilt 40″ Electric Smoker:

The Masterbuilt 40” Electric Smoker with Window and Remote is one of the great smokers out there. As such, it comes with some great, modern features that can make this smoker very easy to use. With its stainless steel body to prevent grill rusting, the grill even looks very modern.

One of the drawbacks we noticed with this smoker is that you have to clean the front view window after each use. The window gets steamed fairly easily and can hold odor from previous smoking sessions. Also, one of the newer features of this grill is when the timer goes off, the grill actually shuts down. This is different from your traditional smokers, so just a heads up in case you didn’t know.

Smoke Hollow 3616DEWS 36-Inch Digital Electric Smoker:

The Smoke Hollow 3616DEWS 36-Inch Digital Electric Smoker is another smoker that we tried out. It is a competitively priced smoker (for about $250) that offers some valuable features, which a lot of other smokers in its price range do not. This electric smoker is offered in two colors: stainless steel/silver or black. But if you feel like you must have the black version of this smoker, be prepared to come with a little more inside your pocket.

Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker:

With four of its products in line for the best electric smokers on our site, it is undeniable that this brand has some of the best electric smokers around. The Masterbuilt 20070910 is one of the larger capacity BBQ smokers that is easy to use, even for the beginners, with a wide range of features that can even cater to the needs of professional BBQers.

The biggest concern for us was the durability of its shelf brackets, but as long as you check them before smoking your meats and do not throw your meats on the rack, you should be fine. Again, this is another great smoker that comes at a great price!

Smoke Hollow D4015B 40-Inch Digital Smoker:

There are a lot of good quality electric smokers out there, but we have also come across some electric smokers that are not worth the salt we put on our BBQ. The Smoke Hollow D4015B 40-Inch Digital Smoker with Smoke-Tonix Bluetooth Technology was one of those smokers. It may have a lot of bells and whistles, but what does it matter if the BBQ is no good?

We’d still mention this product for its features and the price tag it has. But apart from that, it’s not worthy of being in our top 10 list, despite being a notable product.

Smoke Hollow 26142E 26-Inch Electric Smoker:

The Smoke Hollow 26142E comes stock with a porcelain coated water pan and wood chip tray. The instruction manual that comes with this electric smoker instructs users to place the wood chip holder directly on the wood chip holder, which is a huge issue. Not only will this damage the porcelain and cause wood chips to burn too quickly or catch fire, but this will also eventually mess up the heating element.

Also, the poor construction of this electric smoker is unacceptable. The leakage of smoke, water, and grease alone is a safety hazard, putting this product out of the top 10 list and into the notable products section.

Making the Most of Your Electric Smoker

As with anything you buy, you want the most bang for your buck. After all, you’ve chosen it over other major types of smokers. This does not just mean buying the best product on the market for the best price available, it also means taking care of your smoker:

best electric smoker; there are actually many to choose from

Know Your Smoker

This knowledge comes with experience: the more you cook with your smoker, the more you learn about what it can do efficiently and what it cannot. For example, while some smokers are able to cook meats at very high temperatures, these temperatures may eventually cause damage to the interior of your smoker.

Preheat Your Smoker Before Use

Preheating your smoker before using it can also help increase the lifespan of your equipment. When you put your food in the smoker before it is warmed up, the thermostat recognizes that the internal temperature does not meet what is set, and it takes longer for the smoker to reach the desired temperature, making the smoker work that much harder.

Clean Your Smoker Regularly

There are two main benefits to thoroughly cleaning your electric smoker. First, it ensures that your BBQ comes out fresh: so no odor from previous smoking sessions persist. Second, cleaning and drying the components of the smoker ensures that the smoker is operating efficiently and reduces rust. Here are some cleaning tips:

  • If you have a front view window, use a cleaning solution to get any fluid or grime off the window. We suggest cleaning the window after every use, as the window can also maintain odor.
  • Clean the interior of the smoker cabinet with a cloth, some soap, warm water, and bleach if necessary.
  • Frequently clean the wood chip tray. Make sure that there are no left-over wood chips from previous grilling sessions.
  • After every use, clean the drip tray of your electric smoker with mild detergent and a cloth.
  • Most electric smokers feature dish-washable grill racks. If your grill rack cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher, make sure to scrub them free of grease and any meat.
  • If your grill includes a meat probe, you definitely want to clean this after every use as well. Especially if you have used it to probe relatively raw meats.

If you think cleaning manually is a hassle, I recommend you to get a Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner. Though I do not like it as the best grill cleaner, it will certainly reduce your cleaning time & hassles. Often you need a manual scrubber to get rid of food residuals from your grill grates.


Water Pan: Some smokers come with water pans that are useful for several reasons. For electric smokers which have very minimal air movement inside, water pans can help add humidity into the air, which helps stop your food from drying out. In addition, water in these pans condense, adding more smoke to your cooking, giving that sticky, smoky element that improves the flavor of your food.

Wood Chip Tray/Wood Pellet Tray/Box: This comes in various terms, but most commonly, it’s called the wood chip box. Wood chip boxes are used to create dishes that have unique flavors. Cooking your meat alone will not give them that rich flavor that you’re expecting. Smoking woods allows you to use aromatic hardwoods that emit a strong and rich-smelling smoke.

Drip Pans and Deflectors: Drip pans collect the juices that slide off of the meat during cooking. This liquid can be used as sauce or stock. This is why some home cooks prefer to fill their drip pans with all sorts of ingredients, such as onions, carrots herbs and celery, so that they have stock that’s ready to use after smoking. Aside from that, drip pans keep oil and other juices from coming in contact with the water in the pan, which can prevent evaporation.

Blue LED Display: A blue LED display allows users to see the progress of their cooking. Typically, blue LED displays show the temperature and time. Manufacturers emphasize its color blue because blue displays are much easier to read under direct sunlight.

Be Patient and Careful

When it comes to cleaning your smoker or cooking food in it, make sure that you are always patient and careful. Show your smoker the love you want your smoker to show your BBQ!

Well, at long last, we have made it to the end of the electric smokers! I hope you enjoyed reading up on them because we definitely enjoyed grilling with them! Overall, I would say that the Masterbuilt brand offers some of the best electric smokers, along with the SmokinTex 1100 Pro Series Electric Smoker. But for our No. 1 Pick, we chose the Masterbuilt 20075315 because of its large grilling size, front view window, and the multitude of other features it offers.

But, if you do not have to have the window and are fine working with a smaller grill area, then we would recommend the SmokinTex 1100 Pro Series Electric Smoker because, again, it offers a quality BBQ! If you ask me personally anyway, I believe that the SmokinTex 1100 Pro Series Smoker will end up being more durable, and outlast the Masterbuilt 20075315. But, hey, that’s just me!

Good luck to all the griller enthusiasts and I hope this helps you on your journey to excellent, mouth-water BBQ with the best electric smoker out there!


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