YOYO 684 Wood Pellet Grill review

Product Name:YOYO 684SQIN Wood Pellet Grills - Smart Digital Controls Pellet Smoker
Features:1. Digital thermostat controller 2. Assembly tool kit included 3. Stainless steel cover handle
Pros:1. Easy to assemble 2. Gives you 6 in 1 cooking advantage; smoke, grill, bake, roast, BBQ and braise 3. Removable grids for easier ash disposal
Cons:1. Requires patience to reach a peak temperature
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YOYO 684 Wood Pellet Grill

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YOYO 684 Wood Pellet Grill review

If you are looking for a functional yet inexpensive grill, then you need to take a look at the amazing features offered by the YOYO 684 Wood Pellet Grill. This garden essential grill has been designed with a lot of consideration. You will barely find other grills offering BQ tricks that are being offered in this grill. This has been designed keeping both fashion and functionality in mind. Wood granules are employed as fuel in this grill. This helps you add the flavor that you desire to your food. Cast iron and porcelain materials are employed for the grills. These ensure that your food does not absorb flavors that are undesirable. Read this YOYO 684 Wood Pellet Grill review further to know more about the amazing features offered to the users with this grill.

AccessoriesYOYO 684 Wood Pellet Grill review

  • YOYO 684 Wood Pellet Grill body
  • Tool kit for assembling the unit

Key Features

  • Digital thermostat controller
  • Cover handle made of stainless steel
  • A wide area for grilling
  • Spacious cabinet for storage
  • Bronze coated grill cover
  • Swivel casters for easy movement

Cleaning & Maintenance

The YOYO 684 Wood Pellet Grill features a well-designed oil collector and easy ash disposal unit. This ensures that you do not have to dirty your hands for cleaning this grill. Safe and easy cleaning is offered by this grill. Maintenance is easy and would ensure that your grill would last for a long time with little efforts put in.


  • Easy assembly
  • Offers 6 in 1 advantage: grill, smoke, roast, bake, braise and BBQ
  • Easy ash disposal owing to removable grids
  • Complete control over the grilling temperature
  • Wide area for grilling
  • Portable unit
  • Digital control system
  • Easy to assemble


  • Instructions have to be followed carefully while assembling the unit
  • The grill consumes time to attain the peak temperature

Ease of Use

This grill is easy to setup and use. All you need is thirty minutes to complete the installation process. You need to have patience while assembling the unit or else you may end up struggling to put everything together. The operation of this grill is easy owing to the digital controls offered. The cleanup is easy thereby making the usage quite convenient.

Warranty details

The sturdy parts used in the construction of this grill ensures that it lasts for several years. Maintain the receipt of purchase for availing warranty on this grill. A three-year warranty is offered over the grill body which is really great. A little bit of maintenance and cleaning can make this last for a long time without posing any hassles.

Value for money – Does It worth It?

This grill is definitely worth investing in if you are looking for a grill that offers all modern features and a sleek design without costing much. A three-year warranty further ensures that you are not investing in a grill with cheap features or parts. Investing in this grill would not prove out to be a deal breaker.

Replacement parts availability

The replacement parts for this grill are offered by the manufacturer. You can purchase the parts from reputed sellers who sell the product.

My Verdict and Final Thoughts

The YOYO 684 Wood Pellet Grill features an innovative and simple design. It offers multiple options when it comes to fuel. The digital temperature control offers you option to create various cooking possibilities. An LED digital system offers the users an option to vary the temperature from 180 to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. It is easy to employ the features. You do not really have to be a pro at handling a grill to use this unit. The usage is convenient. Simple adjustments permit you to set the right temperature while cooking your favorite dish. A large grilling area is offered with this grill which is an added bonus to the users. The six in one cooking advantage is what is the attractive feature of this grill apart from other features being offered to the users. Set of instructions are offered to the users for easy installation. You just need to follow them to setup the grill in less than thirty minutes. You can also take a look at the video tutorials if you find reading the instruction manual difficult. If you looking for a grill that offers amazing features without costing you a lot, then this grill is the best option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the dimensions of the grilling area? Can I cook a turkey in it?

A. The dimensions are 25.9”x19.3’’. An additional warming rack is offered that offers you space to cook what you desire. The surface offered for grilling is large.

Q. What if I am not able to set up the device properly?

A. The package comes with simple instructions for installation which anybody can follow. If you have a difficulty in following them, then you can take a look at the video tutorials. Just following the steps in the video would be sufficient to help you set up the grill within 30 minutes. You can always contact the manufacturers for support if you have any queries.

Q. Is this grill easy to use?

A. Yes. The digital controls make the entire process quite simple. All you need to do is to load the wooden pellets into the hopper and set the temperature that you wish to employ for cooking your favorite dish. This should not be hard for you to accomplish. The settings are quite simple to follow. Read the instruction manual to know further about the digital controls and how to vary the temperature.

Q. Do I need to frequently charge the pellets in the hopper?

A. This grill features a large capacity pellet hopper. This implies that there is more smoking and less filling. All you need to do is charge the pellets and forget about the rest. Focus more on cooking than bother about the fuel charging on a frequent basis.

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  • Monte Barnes says:

    These are very hefty built grills. My only problem there was no assembly book enclosed. I had to wing it but assembly is pretty much straight forward. By the name I assume you know where they are manufactured. It does have Traeger looks all over. Quality seems to be better than my Treagar. Thicker steel and stainless steel layered in the bottom and fire box cover. Also included is a temp probe port through the side by the fire box. I also noticed the lid is made to fit tightly so no excessive smoke leak.
    I will fire it tonight and report how grilling and smoking went

  • michael says:

    Where can I get instructions on assembly and owner’s manual? My wife bought this grill for me and it didn’t come with it. I can’t find a manual online. I don’t have a website or number to call

  • Jase says:

    Umm, are you really just giving this info out for noinhtg?

    • Grills Forever says:

      No, not really. If you go to amazon after reading this review and buy that item Grills Forever will get a little commission on that.

  • Clariza says:

    In 1982, Oregon’s Traeger Heating introduced a home heating system that burned wood pellets made from compressed sawdust, a by-product of local lumber milling. Since demand for these furnaces and wood pellets dropped off after winter, Traeger came up with a grill that would burn pellets and keep the business afloat over the summer months.

  • William J. Warren says:

    How do I contact YOYO Grills.
    Need help with my 684 unit.
    Temperature malfunctioning.
    Phone 480 684 3592

    • Grills Forever says:

      Hello William, Sorry to hear that you are having problem with your YOYO grill. Regarding your inquiry, I can say that if you have contacted with the customer care that is written in the instruction manual. And again as I cannot have a look visually on your product so it will be nothing but loss of words regarding the temperature malfunction. For further help, Have a question for YOYO Grills? Then go to this page: For your help here is a screenshot: http://prntscr.com/dvh52c

  • Subas says:

    Keep up the superb piece of work, I read few posts on this website and I believe that your web site is really interesting and has got circles of superb information.

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