How to Use Smoker Chips in Any Kind of Smoker Grill?

how to use smoker chips

As the name suggests, smoker chips are wood bits that people use to create fire in a smoker grill. One of the biggest advantages that come with using these is that you can add a distinctive flavor to your food. Using smoker chips, you can add a fusion of two or more flavors to your meat by mixing the desired flavored chips. If you are looking for advice on how to use smoker chips, the manual you got along with the smoker is the best place to start from. However, that is not sufficient in all cases.

There are no complicated things to be remembered for how to use smoker chips. But you will need to take into account the smoker you are using because some allow you to only use specific brands of wood chips as the warranty would be voided otherwise. Apart from that, there is a lot of freedom in what you can use. You can get a range of wooden and gas smoker chips. Moreover, if the brand works with your smoker, you are surely in for a real treat!

Let us now see which are the most popular wooden chip flavors you can get and how to use smoker chips!

Hickory Chips

Wooden grilling is one of the most preferred methods by professional cooks and this is where hickory wood chips are most useful. These chips, as the name suggests, are made using hickory wood. The advantage of using hickory wood chips is that they come with a mesmerizing aroma. If you are looking to mix two or more flavors of wood chips then hickory is a great choice as they work with many other kinds, including pear and apple wood chips. You can use hickory wood chips for any type of smoking. It can also be used to grill different types of meat, including chicken and ribs.

Another kind of wood chips that you can consider is mesquite wood chips. These smoker chips come with an aroma that is similar to ham, thus making them an apt choice if you are looking to cook meat.

Alder Chips

Alder chips are known for having a delicate aroma which is sweet and distinctive as compared to other types. Alder is obtained from a hardwood tree which is very tall with heights greater than 645 feet. The smoke flavor of Alder wood is great for a large variety of meats and works great if you are trying to make ‘cocktail wood’ because you can mix it with fruit woods and hickory.

It is the most suitable type if you are looking to cook seafood, birds, poultry and similar dishes. In case you are not sure about Alder chips, you can even try them before buying. Most shops/brands that sell Alder wood chips have the habit of giving out samples to customers. Alder is made using wood that has a natural flavor, like ash, cherry and maple oaks among others.

Hardwood Chips

Hardwood smoker chips are most commonly used to cook seafood, poultry and other meat products. This kind of wood can be obtained from fruit trees and nuts. Hardwood is also the source of most wood used in smokers and grills, so it is not that hard to obtain. There are some who prefer getting hardwood for smokers from their local lumberyard, but that is something you must avoid since it will be probably mixed with pine and other wood types. Also make sure they don’t have any resin.

Some More Tips

Before you use any of these wood chips, it is essential that they are soaked for at least 30 minutes in water, wine or juice. Once that is done, remove the liquid from them and put the chips inside the smoker’s container. These chips can also be placed on a foil. Wood chips can be used by either combining the briquettes with them or by putting the chips under the grate.

The smoke that chips produce is needed to cook the meat well. In case you are using a wood smoker, using water or any other liquid is not required. There are some smokers that only use wooden chips, so before you follow a particular method, you must remember this factor.

Once grill makers realized that people love smokers, they began adding smoker drawers in their products. These compartments can be used to place soaked chips. Thus, while grilling, the food captures the flavor that these chips have. If your smoker does not have one, you can place these chips on the foil.

This is all you need to know about how to use smoker chips. With this information, you will be able to make the most of your smoker grill and cook the best delicious meat!


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