Louisiana Grills LG 900 Review

Product Name:Louisiana Grills 60900-LG900 LG 900 Pellet Grill, 913 Square Inch
Brand:Louisiana Grills
Features:1. Wide cooking surface of 900 square inches 2. Digital control center allows heat adjustment from 170 F to 600 F 3. Flame broiler suits direct and indirect cooking with flame
Pros:1. Wide cooking surface for a large group 2. Easy-to-use and durable 3. Uniform cooking heat
Cons:1. High electricity consumption
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Louisiana Grills LG 900 Review

If you are looking for a timeless classic, a cook everything grill known for heavy duty build and cooking versatility then the Louisiana Grills LG 900 review will reveal to you exactly why you should opt for Louisiana Grills 60900-LG 900 Pellet Grill.

This unit is just similar to the heavy duty BBQs of the good old days, but a better version of it. The unit combines the rugged construction with a contemporary grill technology to give you convenience like no other. Whether you love the lowly and slowly grilled BBQs or a gourmet restaurant meal, the unit allows you to smoke, roast, sear or bake just at the touch of a button.

You simply need to load your pellets, set the temperature and LG900 will handle the rest. The unit can regulate the temperature or maintain it for hours. The adjustable Flame Broiler that’s been included allows to easily switch from indirect to the open flame cooking. The unit uses an AC power source of 110V.

Key features

Features of the unit are highly advanced to make your cooking much easier.

Louisiana Grills LG 900 Review

  • Electric ignition and the fan forced air accelerate and maintain a clear burning flame for abundant convection heat.
  • Digital Control Center allows temperature control between 180F to 600F.
  • Removable upper cooking grid made of porcelain steel.
  • Main grids made of porcelain cast iron.
  • Large cooking surface area measuring 913 square inch, 633 square inch main and 280 square inch upper.
  • Maximum output pellet burner of 48,000 BTU.
  • Stainless steel rod cooking grates.
  • A full function programmable meat probe for convenient and hassle free cooking.
  • Patented exhaust system for an even cooking.
  • Fan forced convection cooking.
  • Features a large stay cool handle.
  • A solid bottom shelf.
  • Heavy duty skate casters and rolls for an easier mobility.
  • Flame broiler for direct and indirect flame cooking.
  • Made from heavy duty 14 gauge steel for durability and strength.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of the unit is quite easy, made possible by the removable upper cooking grid and the Frame Broiler which directs grease away for easier cleaning after cooking. The ash collector is easily accessible unlike in other types of grills. Removal of the ash after cooking is quite easy.  And you don’t have to do it frequently since the unit uses less pellets due to the convection heat feature which allows even cooking temperature for a shorter period of time, unless cooking huge chunks of meat.


Louisiana Grills comes with plenty of features and advantages to give your meat a delicious flavor and texture as well as convenient cooking. It’s not possible for all them to be listed on this Louisiana Grills LG 900 review. Here are a number of the advantages.

Precise temperature control – the unit allows you to control the temperature from 170 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit through its Digital control center. The Digital Control Center and the Programmable Meat Probe function together to conveniently regulate the temperature. The ignition and cool down process are automated.

Open flame grilling – made possible through the Frame Broiler, which is simple slide plate that allows control for grilling on a direct and indirect flame. Frame broiler also channels excess grease away for easier cleaning after cooking.

Programmable Meat Probe – does not only display the internal temperature of your food on the LED display, but it also allows easy monitoring and adjusting the heat to maintain the desired cooking temperature once obtained.

Advanced heat retention – the unit is made from the heavy duty 14 gauge steel that is powder coated to retain the heat for an all season performance.

Large cooking area – the unit gives you a wider cooking area of 913 square inches inclusive of the upper rack.

Easy mobility – the unit features durable casters and wheels which facilitate the movement of the LG900.


Despite the many advantages of the unit, there are also a few cons which you need to familiar with.

Hard to attain desired temperature – it takes a relatively longer time to reach a desired temperature for this unit, but once obtained it is retained well.

Small hopper capacity – the unit has a small hopper capacity of 14lb, which can be quite troublesome when cooking.

Ease of use

Every amateur’s first grill BBQ should be a pellet grill, because they are relatively easy to use. Now when it comes to Louisiana Grills, ease of use has been further advanced because the machine handles tending of fire hence freeing you from the worries about the cooking.

 In lighting the fire, you simply need to fill the hopper with the pellets, plug your smoker into 110V outlet, push Start button and all is set. It only takes up to 7 minutes to obtain a smoky fire from the hardwood. When you set the rate of the pellet feed, you can leave your food to cook while you attend to something else. The only thing you may have to handle is pellet refilling especially if the cooking lasts for more than six hours.

Warranty details

Louisiana Grills 60900-LG 900 Pellet Grill comes with a 5 years warranty period from the purchase date. The warranty is however limited against the defects and workmanship on all its steel parts with the burn gate as an exclusion.

All the electrical components of the unit are given a 3 year limited warranty period.

Value for money

Louisiana Grill gives you the opportunity to sear and then grill the meat to perfection giving it a wood flavor hat charcoal and gas grills cannot achieve.

So, if you are searching for a grill that has a build similar to the old grill designs but with a contemporary grilling style, then it’s worth your money. Louisiana Grills don’t come cheap though, you can get it for $878.99 from Amazon. You will simply be paying for the high quality construction of the North America, quality welds and the materials and the ease of use.

The machine is going to give you back every penny of the purchase price

However, the fact that the accessories are an added expense does not turn out so well for most buyers.

Replacement parts availability

Though the grill is made from heavy duty parts, replacement of some of the parts may be needed after some period of use. Some of the parts that may need replacement include:

  • Pellet grill meat probe.
  • Parts kit
  • Smoke vault standard meat racks

Availability of these and other parts are quite rare, but a look at the manufacturer’s site can provide you some of the parts.

My verdict

Nothing beats texture, flavor and the outright joy brought about by a traditionally smoked barbecue. If you like working with the huge meat chunks that take relatively long to properly cook, this Louisiana pellet feed smoker is the ultimate solution. The only problem you’ll have to cope with though is the small hopper capacity hence refilling the hopper will be needed for longer cooking periods. Otherwise, I find it relatively good for all my cooking.

Frequently asked questions

I have also included some of the questions which some buyers usually ask about Louisiana Grills 60900-LG 900 Pellet Grill.

Q: does the unit comes with a full function programmable meat probe?

A: yes, the unit has a full function programmable meat probe. You simply insert the probe in the meat, set the temperature and the unit handles the rest.

Q: does the unit require assembly on arrival?

A: yes, assembly of the unit is needed. Assembling the unit takes at least 30 to 45 minutes and is quite straightforward.

Q: is the grill made in the USA?

A: The company is Canadian. The grills are made in the US, but due to the high demand, some are manufactured overseas and exported back to the US.

Q: Is the Louisiana Grills 60900-LG 900 Pellet Grill the latest model?

A: Yes, this is the latest model by Louisiana.



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