A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Smoke Sausage

Step by Step Guide on How to Smoke Sausage

For centuries, people from all corners of the world have been cooking and enjoying smoked sausages. Sausages used to be smoked in the past so that the meat could be preserved for a longer duration. The invention of freezers and refrigerators has transformed smoked sausages into a delicacy. Today, sausages are served as a snack and loved for the smoky flavor they possess. They are now used in stews, soups and other delicacies. Smoked sausages are easily available in the stores. However, professional and amateur chefs prefer to learn the art of smoking sausages so that people can experiment with various flavors. In fact, it is not difficult to learn how to smoke sausage. Follow these simple steps to find out yourself.

Put Wood Chips or Sawdust into a Bowl of Water

This step is essential to follow when you are learning how to smoke sausages. If you desire to add a light flavor, you need to smoke fruitwood from 3 to 4 hours. However, you need to smoke hickory or mesquite for 3 hours to have a strong flavor.

Transfer the Wood Chips or Sawdust to the Smokehouse

When you are learning how to smoke sausage, you need to ensure that you have a good quality modern smokehouse installed in your home. It is a small structure that can be placed anywhere in the yard, pantry or kitchen. You can place any kind of meat, including sausages for a specific time while smoking. Smokehouses can be purchased online from sporting goods or specialty kitchenware stores.

Increase the Heat of the Smokehouse from 0 to 160 Degrees F and Close the Dampers

When you are learning how to smoke sausage, it is crucial to follow this step because ground meat always has a risk of being contaminated with bacteria. This step will ensure that your sausages would be cooked well as well as the bacteria would be killed.

Hang the Fresh, Dry Sausage from Meat Smoking Sticks or Place on Racks Inside the Smokehouse

You need to ensure that there is at least an inch space between the sausages. This would allow the smoke to make contact with all the surface evenly. Color and taste would also be evenly distributed in this step. What type of sausage you want to cook is entirely dependent on your personal taste. Breakfast sausage, patties, fatties and summer sausages are quite popular everywhere. While cooking homemade sausages, you need to do curing in order to prevent botulism. This is a harmful bacteria that grow on sausages. For every 10 pound of meat, you need to add 2 teaspoons of cure. You can easily find cure from grocery stores, online shops or from specialized butchers’ stores. Whenever you are purchasing sausages from stores, ensure that you are purchasing certified meat that has been smoked and is safe to use.

Maintain a Constant Temperature of 160 Degrees Fahrenheit

When you smoke sausages at a high temperature, it causes the fat within the sausages to melt down. This would dry out the sausages and make these tasteless.

Replace the Existing Wood Chips in the Chip Pan with New Ones Every 90 Minutes

To maintain the heat during the smoking process, you need to keep replacing the wood chips in the pan.

Check Out the Temperature

When you are learning how to smoke sausages, you need to learn how to check the internal temperature of the grill. You need to use a cooking thermometer in order to measure the temperature.

Remove the Smoked Sausage

When the internal temperature reaches 152 degrees Fahrenheit, you can remove the sausages that have been smoked. Another indication of the sausages attaining the desired temperature is that the sausages would develop a rich brown and even color.

Cool Down the Smoked Sausages with Cold Water

Once you are done with smoking, you need to cool down the smoked sausages in order to prevent shrinking and shriveling. Place a sausage or a small batch in a bowl of cold water. You can also pour cold water over a large batch of sausages.

Air Dry the Smoke Sausages for 2 to 3 Hours

Then, the smoked sausages would need to be air dried for two to three hours. You have to wrap each sausage that has been smoked in a wax paper. You need to refrigerate in case you have plans to finish your smoked sausages in three to four days. However, to store the smoked sausages for a long time, you have to pack in a vacuum-packed container and freeze them. This will help them last for as long as nine months.

Learning how to smoke sausage is an art. If you have plans to host an outdoor party, you can put your sausage smoking skills to great use and surprise your guests. Smoking sausage is not a complicated process at all. It is quite simple to get evenly smoked tasty sausages if you follow these basic steps.

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