Fond of Dry Aged Steak? Know How to Buy & Cook

Why choose Dry Aged Steak?

buy & cook dry aged steakWell, because some people consider it to be more delicious compared to other steaks and mostly because you get to show off to your guests. Preparing dry aged steak can take two months to prepare and it requires a lot of knowledge and special designed equipment for this type of steak. Also it’s very hard to find, not many supermarkets sell dry aged steak and some people prefer to make their own at home, not because it’s so difficult to find but because it can cost almost double the amount of money you would pay for a regular steak. When planning to cook Dry Aged Steak at home be aware that you will need a big chunk of meat as you will have to trim parts. Also be prepared to give up a part of your fridge since it will be staying in there for some time. So, lets dive into the part on how to buy & cook dry aged steak.

Buying a Dry Aged Steak

Since it’s so difficult to make your own Dry Aged Steak you will probably end up buying it; this way at least you get to taste something prepared by professionals, so let’s see some tips on buying Dry Aged Steak:

Cooking Dry Aged Steak

buy & cook dry aged steakIt really doesn’t require a chef’s degree in cooking and it’s very similar to cooking any other type of grill. But since you deal with an exquisite type of steak why not make prepare everything to its level and there are even some tips and tricks.

This is about all you need to know if you want to cook a Dry aged steak, not much to learn but it can still be easy to make a mistake, so the next time you plan on having a dry aged steak for dinner make sure to follow these steps.

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