Smack Your Lips with the 7 Most Mouthwatering Steak Cuts

Smack Your Lips with the 7 Most Mouthwatering Steak CutsSteak is an important part of any meat lover’s diet. With this comes a need to understand the difference between various kinds of steak cuts and the effects these have on the taste and tenderness of your meat. High-quality steak cuts will usually be more expensive, but knowing which steak cuts you prefer will make shopping much easier. There are so many different types of steak cuts and each come with strengths and weaknesses. Consider this your ultimate steak cuts guide. After reading this article you can confidently navigate your way around a BBQ restaurant and a butcher’s shop.

1. The Ribeye

The Ribeye

2. New York Strip

New York Strip

3. Tenderloin


4. T-Bone


5. Flank


6. Porterhouse


7. Top Sirloin

Top Sirloin


These have been the most important and popular types of steak cuts. With this steak cuts guide, you can proudly say you know your way around the different types of steak cuts that are most beloved by butchers and beef lovers alike.

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