Camp Chef Smoker 18″ Smoke Vault Review (Apr 2017)

Product Name:Camp Chef 18in Smoke Vault
Brand:Camp Chef
Features:1.Smoking racks that are fully adjustable, along with 1 jerky smoking rack 2.A steel wood chip try that is heavy gauge 3.A convenient and match-free snap ignition 3.Easy cleanup along with the porcelain base that is removable
Pros:1.Easy conversion to natural gas 2.Easy to clean up 3.The extra power 4.Precise control of heat and smoke 5.Smoke anything you want to without any hassle 6.Lightweight yet sturdy 7.Excellent build-quality
Cons:1.Additional assembly required 2.An inaccurate thermostat 3.Shipping and packaging when ordered online
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Camp Chef Smoker 18 Smoke Vault review

If you are looking to infuse meat with any delicious smoked flavor, right from hickory to mesquite and many others,  the Cap chef smoke vault is a product worth considering. This smoker is one of the most popular ones in the market because of the taste that it can give to various types of meat. As we go ahead and review the Camp Chef 18″ Smoker , we will try to find out if it is all that it claims to be.

Camp Chef Smoker 18 Smoke Vault reviewKey Features

A few significant features that the camp chef smoker has include:

  • 2 fully adjustable smoking racks along with 1 jerky smoking rack
  • A steel wood chip tray made of heavy gauge stainless steel
  • 3 damper valves- 1 at the top and 1 on each side. These valves are fully adjustable and can be easily adjusted
  • An easy-to-read thermometer on the door that goes from 50 to 400 degrees
  • A convenient and match-free snap ignition
  • Easy cleanup along with removable porcelain base

Maintenance and Cleaning

Before you conduct any cleaning task on the smoker’s vault, it is essential that all of its components have completely cooled down. Do not make any attempt to clean or move it while it is in use. Review the following points in order to better maintain and clean the Camp Chef Smoker 18″ Smoke Vault:

  • Before every use, clean and then inspect the hose as well as its connection to the LP cylinder. In case of any leaks, it must be replaced before usage.
  • For cleaning the cooking grids and the water tray, use hot and soapy water and then dry it. Coat the cooking grids and water bowl lightly using cooking spray or cooking oil.
  • The burner should be frequently checked for any insects or insect nests, as a clogged tube can lead to a fire. The smoker should not have any foreign particles obstructing the air combustion and ventilation flow. However, if it does, remove using a dry cloth.
  • A good flame should be blue along with a 1” or 2” yellow tip. In case of irregular and excessive yellow flames there may be deposits of food and oil residues on the burner. Clean the surface as well as the holes to improve them.
  • For cleaning the outside as well as the inside of the smoker, a damp cloth is all that is required. Do not spray-wash with a water hose. Any moisture that is there has to be washed away and should not be allowed to remain on top or inside the smoker.
  • Carefully take out the grease pan, dispose off any grease that may be there and wash it thoroughly. Once it is done, coat the smoker’s interior using cooking spray or cooking oil.
  • In case of any rust deposits on the smoker’s exterior, clean using emery cloth or steel wool. Then apply a heavy-duty and heat-resistant paint. No paint should be applied in the interior. In case of any rust there, clean using the same methods and do not apply any paint.


Now that you know all that the Camp Chef Smoker 18″ Smoke Vault offers and how it is to be used, the next part of this review is all about the advantages of using it. Some of these include:

  • Easy conversion to natural gas

Unlike most residential gas smokers, the Camp Chef Smoker 18″ Smoke Vault is easy to convert to natural gas. While this may seem like a feature that manufacturers should always provide with their appliances, this is only limited to Camp Chef products for now.

  • Easy to clean up

Cleaning up this smoker is quite simple and the removable porcelain tray makes it even simpler. Apart from that, you do not need any special cleaning equipment. All that is required is a clean cloth along with some warm soapy water.

  • The extra power

Electric smokers are expensive and prone to failures. However, gas-powered smokers, such as this one, are free from all such issues. It is much more powerful and will give you a quicker response when you adjust the heat, which makes it the perfect smoker and grill to buy for any kind of usage.

  • Precise control of heat and smoke

The Camp Chef Smoker 18″ Smoke Vault has three fully adjustable damper valves, 1 on each side and 1 on the top. This ensures that you can control the heat and smoke as per your preference.

  • Smoke anything you want without any hassle

This Camp Chef grill and smoker can be used for adding your favorite flavors to anything you want- right from fish, turkeys, ribs to even breads and pies. Another distinctive advantage of this smoker is that you can even use it for smoking pizzas, as this is one of those rare products by the vault smoke shop that can be cranked up really high!

  • Lightweight yet sturdy

The Camp Chef Smoker 18″ Smoke Vault is extremely well-built and sturdy. Despite that, it is quite light and made using thin metals.

  • Excellent build-quality

Unlike other cheap and average quality products, this grill is built using quality construction materials and techniques, thus helping it to last longer than any other products in this range.


Although there are a lot of advantages listed in this review, there are a few downsides of having the Camp Chef Smoker 18″ Smoke Vault as well. These include:

  • Additional assembly required

The entire package is not sent in a ready-to-use condition and some assembly will be required prior to usage.

  • An inaccurate thermostat

Just like other smokers in the market, the thermostat of this camp chef grill is not quite accurate. On an average, the readings are off by 10 to 20 degrees. This means that you will probably have to invest money in an additional thermostat.

  • Shipping and packaging when ordered online

For those who have ordered or are planning to order it online, there will be some dents and minor issues with it due to the way the smoker is packed and shipped.

Ease of Use

As mentioned earlier in this review, the Camp Chef Smoker 18″ Smoke Vault does require some assembly when delivered. However, this is not hard and all instructions are provided with it. So you should have this smoker up and running in just a few hours, similar to other Camp Chef products that have simple assembly process. The usage of the smoker grill is quite simple and even beginners can use it for getting the perfect taste in their food at the very first attempt.


All the components of the smoker are covered by a 1-year warranty, which begins from the day of purchase. This warranty excludes finishing and will be valid in cases of any defects related to the workmanship and material of the components. For the accessories, the same warranty is applicable for a period of 90 days.

Value for Money

Overall, it is quite safe to conclude from this review that the Camp Chef Smoker 18″ Smoke Vault is a value for money product. Its price may seem a bit more than those offered by most of the other smokers, but it makes up for that in terms of its functionality, performance and durability.

Availability of Replacement Parts

Finding replacement parts of this product is not much hard. Moreover, Camp Chef sells them all on its website. You can get them under the “Replacement Parts” section of their online shop. Any other accessories that can be used with this smoker are also available there.


Upon review, it can be said that the Camp Chef Smoker 18″ Smoke Vault is a product that is worth the money paid for it and delivers whatever it promises. This smoker is the right one for anyone looking to get Camp Chef products that are versatile in usage and durable as well, .

Thus, by now, you must have learned enough from this Camp Chef Smoker 18″ Smoke Vault review to make an informed choice. Camp Chef has definitely delivered a durable and functional product with this smoker. If it fits your budget and requirements then it is the best one that you will get in the market.


  • Question: How much assembly is required to make this product ready?

All that the user has to do is assemble a few bolt-on parts and the legs.

  • Question: Is maintaining the temperature easy in this smoker?

It may take a couple of uses to break it in, but the temperature management of this smoker is quite better. It offers precise temperature control if that is the kind of cooking you are looking to do.

  • Question: Which one is a better choice, chips or chunks?

Chips are better suited if you are trying to do some quick smoking, with one full load of the chip tray lasting for 2 hours. However, chunks are generally a better choice overall.

  • Question: If the provided thermostat is not accurate then what are the alternatives?

Apart from the one it provides, you can also get a digital thermometer and keep it an inch away from the rack.



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