Weber Genesis 6531001 E-330 Review: Does Flavorizer Bars Work?

Product Name:Weber Genesis 6531001 E-330 Liquid-Propane Gas Grill
Features:1.Cooking fuel versatility 2.Weber’s very own gas grilling mechanism 3.Efficient and durable cook-box 4.Fuel gauge and built in thermometers 5.Maximum heat with maximum grill space
Pros:1.Large cooking area 2.Stainless steel in the burner tube and cooking grates 3.Simple use and management 4.Precise heat management 5.Even grilling and quick heating
Cons:1.Propane gas and the associated hassle 2.Assembly issues
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Weber is famous for manufacturing quality grills, and this review is all about the Genesis 6532001 E-330; what it offers, where it lacks and if this grill does manage to live up to expectations of the users. The Weber Genesis 6531001 E-330 is what Weber claims to be an innovation that has been created through forward-thinking, and an initial market research suggests the same. With full heat control, two extra tables and an excellent gas grill system, the Weber Genesis series has delivered it all until now. Let us go ahead and see if the latest Weber Genesis E-330 gas grill does the same.


Weber Genesis 6531001 E-330 : reviews


Key Features

Some of the most distinctive features of the Weber Genesis E-330 include:

1. Cooking Fuel Versatility

With the Weber Genesis 6532001 E-330, you are not stuck with using only one type of fuel. It can work with liquid propane as well as natural gas. If you are looking to use natural gas then a 10-foot flexible hose is also included for you in the package. So enjoy the freedom of choosing more than one type of fuel with this smoker.

2. Weber’s Very Own Gas Grilling Mechanism

Weber claims to have spent a lot of effort in perfecting this model’s effectiveness and this is actually quite visible. With mighty 38,000 BTU burners that deliver an excellent performance right from the first use, an evenly heated surface and precision controls, getting perfectly cooked meat is not hard at all.


Weber Genesis 6531001 E-330 : gas burners

3. Efficient and Durable Cook-Box

The cook-box of it has burner tubes and cooking grates, and it is made of cast aluminum. It not only makes the Weber genesis e-330 gas grill require less maintenance, but also adds to its durability and helps the grill to withstand any amounts of heat. This, coupled together with the shroud allows for proper heat circulation which helps you get an even cooking both during indirect and direct heating.


Weber Genesis 6531001 E-330 : cast aluminum lid

4. Fuel Gauge and Built-In Thermometers

The Weber genesis e-330’s fuel gauge helps you know exactly how much fuel is left and if you need to add more. With the built-in temperature monitor, you can always keep track of the internal temperature to cook your meat at the right temperature with the right flavor.


Weber Genesis 6531001 E-330 : thermometer, temperature gauge

5. Front Mounted Knobs

For easy temperature control, you have three front mounted knobs that are super easy to operate. Just light the fire and set the temperature using these knobs. They will accurately guide the burners for you.


Weber Genesis 6531001 E-330 : temperature knobs

6. Maximum Heat with Maximum Grill Space

With a side burner and sear station, you can easily have maximum heating without compromising on the grilling space. With the high-powered burner, you can increase the heat to the desired level for searing. The flush-mounted side burner lets you grill as well as do other tasks on the side. The grill comes with a primary cooking area of 5077 square inches along with a 130 square inch warming rack.


Weber Genesis 6531001 E-330 : side shelf, side shelves

Weber Genesis 6531001 E-330 : gas burner

7. Spacious Interior

Space is always welcome when it comes to grilling as there are plenty of things you have to deal with while grilling. This grill has enough space inside its gas compartment that sits right below the burners where you can put all your necessities so that you do not have to look for them elsewhere while grilling.


Weber Genesis 6531001 E-330 : Shelf space

8. Front Locking and Back Locking Casters for Easy Portability

Portability is an added feature if you plan to move your grilling unit around and change cooking place frequently. This model is excellent for portability as a good quality casters are added for the purpose. Two front locking swivel casters and two back locking casters will keep it stable at any place. Once you lock the casters this thing will sit tight.


Weber Genesis 6531001 E-330 : wheels, castors, casters



Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintaining and cleaning the Weber genesis e-330 gas grill is quite easy. The cooking grates are incredibly easy to clean and all that the burner tubes require is a gentle brushing using any standard stainless-steel brush. The flavorizer bars can also be cleaned with a similar type of brush, while the catch pan and grease tray can be simply removed, emptied and replaced to put them back to use.


The advantages you might get with any product are an important part of its review. For the Weber Genesis 6532001 E-330, the following are the major ones:

  • Large cooking area

In total, you will get a cooking area of 637 square inches with the Weber grill genesis 330. This is divided between 507 inches of the primary cooking area and 130 inches of the secondary cooking area.

  • Stainless steel for the burner tube and cooking grates

The burner tube as well as the cooking grates of this model are both made of stainless steel. This makes them more durable, easier to clean and retain as well. They can also withstand moisture, including that present in natural gas.

  • Simple use and management

With conveniently placed knobs, temperature and fuel gauges, managing and keeping track of the temperature and knowing when it is time for a cylinder replacement are quite easy. Lighting the grill and making use of its various features are not much hard. You just need to take a look at a few basic instructions of the Weber Genesis E-330 before you start cooking your favorite food.

  • Precise heat management

Every burner has its own controls that can help you grill using both indirect and direct methods. Burners are adequately spaced so as to provide heat on the complete cooking grate. Moreover, each valve has a set of numerous control settings to help you tune the levels as per your specific requirements.

  • Even grilling and quick heating

With the stainless steel construction, the Weber Genesis E-330 heats quite fast and helps cook meat evenly from all sides.




Although Weber Genesis 6532001 E-330 is full of some great features, it has some downsides as well, including:

  • Propane gas and the associated hassle

In case you do not want to use natural gas or are unable to get a natural gas line, using the propane gas cylinder (sold separately) may be a hassle, especially if you are a frequent user of the Weber grill genesis 330. You will need a backup cylinder and the associated replacement can be a bit costly.

  • Assembly issues

Even though assembly does not involve a lot of steps, it may be hard to understand for a beginner and could take some time.

Ease of Use

One of the best things about the Weber Genesis E-330 that you will read in any review is that it is simple to use- the knobs are positioned at the right place, the starter works great at all times and cleaning it is quick and simple. All you need to do for lighting it is adjust the knobs as per your requirement and push a button. The indicators are fairly accurate and readable, which make managing the right temperature quite convenient. With compatibility with natural gas, you can get rid of the hassle of replacing the propane gas tank as well.

Warranty Details

A breakdown of the warranties offered with the Weber Genesis E-330, including the parts made of stainless steel is as follows:

  • Cookbox and the Lid Assembly: 10 years, no burn or rust through (2 years on the paint excluding any discoloration or fading)
  • Burner tubes (stainless steel): 10 years, no burn/rust through
  • Stainless steel flavorizer bars and cooking grates: 5 years, no burn or rust through
  • Cast Iron Cooking Grates with Porcelain Enameled: 5 years, no rust/burn through
  • All other parts: 2 years

Value for Money

While this may not be the least expensive grill in the market, it is the best one for the reasonable price it offers. You can get the Weber genesis e 330 with durable construction backed by a 10-year warranty. Moreover, you probably already know that a gas grill is healthier than its charcoal counterpart. If you grill quite frequently or are looking for a grill for serving a large number of people, this grill is the one that you must consider to get every penny’s worth.

Replacement Parts Availability

The replacement and spare parts are where you get the benefit of going with a trusted name like Weber. All of its major spare parts, accessories and replacement parts can be purchased directly from the Weber website or other authorized retail stores, like without any hassle!


There are many grills on the market at a lower price that may have a review or two praising them, but none will give you the value for money the way Weber Genesis e-330 gas grill will. If you want a durable cooking grill that will last for years to come, is easy to use, is backed by a good customer support service and warranty, and offers you the worth of every penny spent, then this is the one that you must go for.

Weber is known for providing quality grilling solutions and this one surely lives up to those expectations. Having a large cooking area coupled together with ease of use and numerous functionalities, this is a grill made for the true lovers of grilling and cooking!



  • Question: How well do the outside colors of the grill hold up?

Ans: Apart from any warranties that are offered, the colors of the grill will hold up as long as they are taken care of. Cover it when not in use and clean it using non-abrasive cleansers, and the color will not fade or wear off for years to come.

  • Question: Can the grill be used without the side shelf?

Ans: The grill can be assembled and used without the side shelf, and this will not affect the performance at all. The gas section is self-contained and it works without any issues apart from the open-screw holds.

  • Question: Are the in-box instructions and equipment for assembly adequate?

Ans: For novice users, there may not be adequate instructions in the box, so additional manuals that contain all relevant information can be downloaded from the Weber site. The provided wrench is also not suitable for beginners and a socket wrench will be more handy and useful during the assembly process.



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