6 Major Types of Grills: Which One You Want?

types of grills

If you are new to the world of grilling, the number of ways in which different types of grills are categorized can easily confuse you. They can be differentiated on the basis of the fuel they use, for instance charcoal, gas, wood, etc. They can also be differentiated on the basis of the particular regions where they are used, like Southeast Asian grills or South American grills.

But if you ask any good and experienced barbecuer, they would agree that the best way to distinguish the best grill is checking out its fire configuration and the place where the food is placed for cooking. These things actually determine the total grilling time and the temperature required for grilling. Thoroughly understanding these variables and then being able to control them appropriately will allow you to become a grill master.

So, let us have a look at 6 major types of grills, what are they used for and the food items that are best suited for those grills.

1. Open Grills

These are the simplest among other types of grills. They have a stone or metal box with wood, charcoal or propane below the food which is positioned right above the fire. You can also get a grill grate optionally.

2. Covered Grill

A covered grill is not much different from an open grill. The only difference is that it has a tall lid which you can lift up and lower down. While this cover might only sound like a minor upgrade from an open grill, it allows you to add two different types of live-fire cooking options- 1. smoking and 2. indirect grilling.

3. Vessel Grill

Vessel grills have thick and deep walls that feature ceramic grills and food is cooked by the heat coming from the side walls and the direct heat coming from coal. These grills are sometimes used to cook with food directly placed on the walls, like breads or on the spit placed in the firebox rather than the grill grate.

4. Rotisserie Grill

Rotisserie grills are the ones that add motion to the static grilling process. The gentle circular rotation of the food through the turnspit evens the cooking, melts the fat, basts meat and adds brown color to the exterior of the food. Foods that are roasted in these grills are crispy outside and succulent inside.

5. Smoker

While smoking is a method that has been used for ages to cook and preserve food, a smoker as a portable barbecue grill is comparatively a newer invention which happened in the 20th century in North America.

6. Campfire Style and Open Pit Grills

Initially, grilling was not done with the help of a grill but with the help of a campfire. This traditional method is still very popular, especially in America.

These are the major types of grills from all over the world. You can choose one from the list after understanding your requirements, budget and available space.

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