Home BBQ Smokers – Never Make These 3 Blunders Again!

home bbq smokers

No matter if you are a professional smoker or someone who is new to the world of smoking meat, you are surely one among those who love the taste of smoked meat. But that tender and smoky meat will require a lot of your investment to get one of those home BBQ smokers that you have always wanted. On top of this, it requires a lot of time and effort to get the meat right. Once you have the right smoker, learning the art of BBQ must be your next priority.

However, do not be in a hurry because even the high-end BBQ smokers end up making one or two mistakes occasionally, which could turn the meat into something else entirely. As a true American Gourmet lover, there is no way you want this to happen, right? To help you here, we have collected three of the most common of mistakes that people make as they try to get their favorite meat ready using home BBQ smokers. These include not giving enough attention to cleaning the smoker, bouncing the temperature and not maintaining consistency, and not rotating it as much as required.

Before barbecuing those ribs on your grill, it would benefit you a lot to know more about these three mistakes. Let us now go ahead and see in detail what these common mistakes are, and what you must do to avoid them and get a perfectly cooked meat each time.

Not Enough Cleaning of Home BBQ Smoker

If you want your BBQ to provide delicious meat every time, you will need to clean the smoker properly. When purchased directly from the store, all home BBQ smokers will have a lot of dust. Additionally, there will be oils that were used during manufacturing as well as a smell from the heat-resistant paint. Thus, cleaning your smoker will be an absolute necessity. If you use your smoker without cleaning it properly, the first attempt will give you grilled meat that tastes something like a grilled spare tire covered with your piggy bank change.

To clean the smoker, raise the temperature of the smoker (when it is empty) to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and let it be there for a minimum of 20 minutes. After that, bring down the temperature to 250 degrees and let it stay at this level for a minimum of 3 hours. All of this heat will be sufficient to burn away toxic substances.

Not Maintaining Consistency

The key to getting great results with home BBQ smokers is consistency. If you keep moving the temperature between high and low all the time, you will get a very poorly cooked and low-quality meal. It is essential that once you reach the right temperature you maintain it all through the cooking cycle, unless the specific recipe requires you to change it at some point. This consistency will require you to be attentive throughout the cooking cycle, doing whatever may be necessary for increasing or lowering the smoker’s inside temperature. This is not as easier as it sounds and it is more like a skill you will develop over time.

Avoiding or Not Rotating the Meat Enough

No matter how expensive or how many features home BBQ smokers have, they are still not commercial-grade appliances. These are ideal for your patio and backyard grilling sessions which might not make an occasional user worried. However, it does not mean that you can simply ignore this. So you will still need to take care of a few things. These smokers have both hot and cold areas which means that there are some parts that will heat up a lot more than others. Knowing which of these are hot and which are cold will take some time for you. Thus, to get the best taste and consistency in your meat, you will need to rotate it regularly throughout the cooking cycle to ensure that it is grilled/smoked evenly. As you get better with your smoker, you will need to this less.

So, never rush into using your smoker as there are a few things you must know before grilling your first meat in the smoker. What you have read now is a roundup of some of the most essential points you must remember at all times. By taking care of these three things, you can ensure that you will get perfectly cooked and flavored meat every time.

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